november nano

Nano Day 9 – Speedin’!

Number 9


So I started off the day with a really rough start. It just seemed liked anything that could happen did. You know, just anything  to get you off track with NaNo. But like I had expected, everything calmed down after my daughter was in bed and the dogs were asleep…oh and my husband was lost in his computer programming. He is so in his element and that makes me happy, to see that awesome smile on his face.

So anyway, that gave me three solid hours of free, uninterrupted writing time and I was able to write 2084 words today! Yay! So far that gives me a total of 17,209 words! Ahead of the game so far but that is good. There are at least two days I know I may not get a chance to meet the full word count, not that I won’t try, but that is why I am buckling down and trying to get ahead as much as I can , so if there is a day I can’t write as much, or maybe not at all, depending on the circumstances, I won’t be so far behind.

But alas, I must go for the night. Church in the morning.

Night all and best of luck!


november nano

Day 8 – Made It!

Number 8


Just before midnight last night, I ended on a good note. I manage to write 1900 (rough) words. I wasn’t sure with how the day was going and having to get groceries last night, but I made it!!!

*Thank you, God, for helping me!*

NaNo is proving to be a tough ride and it was quite stressful at the beginning, but I’ve found that once I’ve gotten into it more and write every day, the easier it gets. Well the flow of writing tends to get easier. Life circumstances still nudge there way in there, but dealing with it calmly helps instead of getting upset about it. That is something I’ve learned and still working on.

Just asking God to help me through this on many levels! May He guide you as well.

Good luck!


november nano

NaNo Day 8 – Starting Slow!

Number 8


Busy morning. I wasn’t able to get started writing as soon as my daughter went to school. Instead of 2.5 hours, I have about 1, but I’ll take every moment I can get. Starting another chapter today! Can’t wait. Story is really moving along.

Best of luck everyone!!! Gotta go get writing. Not much time left this afternoon and not sure I’ll get to it tonight. May have to play catch up tomorrow!


november nano

NaNo Day 3 done!!

Number 3


Meant to write this post last night before bed but day 3 of NaNo is done! I wrote about 1700 words so just a little over the minimum word count. I made it thought! Whew! This is the first time writing fiction during a NaNo so I am happy to see I’m doing as well as I am. Yeah, so it’s all a VERY rough draft and will need some polishing out but that’s totally fine! LATER!!! Turn critic off!!! Must turn critic off!!! Critic, you’ll have your turn, but not this month! lol.

We’ll I’m off!


november nano

New NaNo Story

Well, I have started work on a new story for NaNo. It will be fantasy. I am runny far behind on being ready for NaNo to start, but that’s okay. I can still work on some development as I go.

Still need to come up with a title and some character names, but the final decisions will come later. Right now I may just throw some names in there as fillers.

I have the basic story idea about done. Then it will be developing the characters I am seeing carry out various actions to make this story work. Man, I am having dialogue coming to me and my story crying to be written. Oh, how am I going to be able to wait until Nov 1st to begin writing? It’s so hard!!!!

How are you fellow NaNoWriMos coming along with your story? Are you ready for the month long event? Do you plan on staying home and writing or getting out with other writers in your area? I haven’t fully decided what I am going to do. Will have to see if there are any meetings close to me.

Well, I know this isn’t much of an update this time. Hopefully, I’ll have more to say later. Best of luck and happy writing!