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Startling News for Indie Authors – DMCA Abuse

DMCA Abuse


After reading this I was shocked! I had no idea that this could happen. I didn’t even know a DMCA existed or what one was. Thank you Nordine for sharing this post and your updates on how things transpired! 

I guess if you decide to be an independent author you really need to be vigilant in such things. The lure of being an Indie Author sounds so cool at first, but then I hear things like this that make it a little scary. I’m still on the fence of whether to Indie Publish my next book or not. :-\ 

I’m so thankful other authors are out there willing to help fellow authors. We do need to learn from each other. We are a like breed and need help each other along our creative paths. We’re teammates in a way. At least, that is how I look at it. Thanks again for the post!


Bye Bye Smashwords

Okay, so I have been making some changes to where I have my books published. Smashwords….I gave the site a run for a year and made a whopping $7.46!!! Come on! What gives? So many places on the web I have read how great Smashwords is supposed to be at getting your books to Kobo, Apple, Sony, Barnes and Noble, etc. Sure it is great at doing that, but sales through those channels have not amounted to much. For the time, effort, and frustration I put into manuscripts for all their formatting rules…! Ugh I am taking the $7.46 and leaving! I am removing that extra frustration of formatting my books for Smashwords when I already have to do that for Kindle and CreateSpace. I can remove some stress and save a lot of time by cutting out Smashwords. I am not trying to badmouth the site, by all means if you are making it great on Smashwords, then great! It just wasn’t for me.

My books may be on Apple, Sony, B&N and a few other places for the next few weeks, but they will be disappearing soon. Sorry for anyone who uses something other than Kindle. I am thinking of offering my books for sale in these other formats directly from my own website. Something for me to think about.