NaNo Day 15 – Outta The Park!

Number 15Did it again!!! Yay!!! Wrote 2,426 words which gives me a total word count of….

30,081. I could write more if I wanted to, but I think I’m done for the night. Need to be up early.

Had some good changes happen in my book I wasn’t expecting that is really working in my favor…at least for tonight. lol. We’ll see about tomorrow’s writing session and see how well that goes.

Well, my fellow NaNoWriMos, I must be off to bed. Sleep well and God bless!



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NaNo Day 15! Half Way Point

Number 15


So today we are at the half way point of NaNoWriMo! How amazing is that! How have you all been doing? Are you making your word count every day? Exceeding your word count? Did you fall behind? Either way the important thing here is to finish, no matter what your word count may be. Just crossing that finish line can make all the difference.

So, it is my writing time tonight. I only have about two hours compared to  about three I usually get. Have to be at the vet tomorrow morning to have both my dogs checked out and get any shots they may need. Yippee!!

Then I have company in the afternoon. Not sure I will get to write tomorrow but I am going to try. Even if it’s a half an hour at some point during the day I know it  will be something!

Well, time to quite chatting here and get to work. I’ve almost written 200 words here that could have helped me! Ha! Ah well.

And I’m off!

Back later.