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NaNo Day 12 – Made It!

Number 12


Yawn!! Finally, I can get to bed. Wrote over 2200 words today for a total word count of 23,378! Yay!

I’m getting to a part in the story I am not sure what is going to happen next. It shall be interesting to see how the story unfolds. That is one reason I don’t use an outline. I generally like surprises so long as they don’t mess up my story too much. 🙂 My main character Wesley has just lost a dear friend and mentor and must decide on how to go about his musical career on his own. Wesley is only twelve right now and has some time to plan. But I am not sure what I am going to have happen after his friend’s funeral. hmmm….

Well, I am off to bed. Good luck to those who are still writing and awesome job for those who have written their word count today!

See you in the AM!


Facade, november nano

NaNo Day 12 – Almost There!

Number 12


Well, here it is about 5:30PM Eastern time and I have almost the days word count in. But I had to take a break a while ago to give my daughter a bath and then both dogs a bath. Now it’s time for dinner and dessert.

Writing time is coming soon! I hoping surpass my usual word count but we’ll see. Really looking for a day I can write 3000 words. Maybe that’s asking too much, lol!

It’s amazing how we start out trying to reach the goal of 1667 words and then after we reach that with no problem we push ourselves a little more and then a little more. It sure becomes addicting!

Well, off to get the evening routine going.

Back later.