november nano

NaNo Day 10 – Mission Complete!

Number 10


Just had my NaNo session for the past two three hours. I had a bout of writer’s block for a bit, but I managed to get through that with God‘s help and with my husband being a sounding board (Thank you!).  I was able to write 2,036 words today, so that is over the minimum word count! Yay! It’s good to be ahead. I know I’ll need that advantage come Thanksgiving when I’ll be doing the cooking!

Well I am off to bed. Can barely stay awake any longer.

God bless, good luck, and good night!


november nano

NaNo Day 10 – Getting Ready!

Number 10


It’s a chilly Sunday night here! Sitting by the pellet stove all cozy in my slippers, jeans, and sweater. I had a gluten free grilled cheese and ham sandwich for diner and some ice cream. Soon it will be time to get my daughter into bed and then I’ll be able to shoot for my word count tonight.

I have had such a long and busy day with church and then visiting with my in-laws. We have been home about an hour so I feel a bit disoriented because I’m out of my normal routine, but that is good sometimes. Just means I’ll have to go back and read some of my story before I start typing tonight. Totally fine, just means it’ll take a little more time.

Well, I think I will go now and get my favorite fuzzy pjs on, get some hot tea and get ready to write!

God bless and good luck!