A Daughter's Reflection

A Daughter’s Reflection – New Changes

After praying, and getting feedback from other writers I have decided to scrap A Daughter’s Reflection as it stands as a memoir and turn it into a fictional piece albeit based on true events. I feel by telling my story this way, I can better fill in any gaps of my story as it is now, as well as delve deeper into some areas I could not do with the nonfiction area. Going fiction will also remove any concerns of family members getting upset with me or taking offense to anything I have to say. So in a way, I still get to tell my story even if God and I are the only ones who know what is truth from fiction.

The title of the book will probably be changing. I am hoping by the time I post again I will have a new title for you as well as introduce you to the main characters.

Today I plan on working on the character sheets and story arc. I have several ideas so I best get going before I lose them!

Chat at ya again soon!

Have a great day! 🙂

A Daughter's Reflection

A Daughter’s Reflection – Book Changes & In Question of Ever Publishing

In my last post I talked about reading the book The Power of Memoir: How to Write Your Healing Story before finishing my book, A Daughter’s Reflection, for release on Amazon.

Well, today I have gone through the book and it has confirmed several points I had roaming in the back of my mind such as:

1) How would my family and friends feel if they discovered I used their real names? Would they be upset? (I really don’t want to upset anyone nor do I want to live in anxiety and fear of the possibility that someone “could” get upset.)

2) Would they be upset that I published my story of caring for our mother, feeling that it was personal and no one else should know about it.

3) I was also concerned about gaps in my journal entries. The journal entries work well in telling my story, but there were times when I had not written anything in days so there were large gaps from one incident to another. I fear these gaps may leave my story lacking.

So I guess, two conclusions result of this:

1) I change the story to a more fictional account of what happened…


2) I never publish my story….

but am I content with never sharing my story? And I am asking myself, why do I feel it is so important? Do I really need to do this? Do I think anyone would really be interested in this story of a teenage girl who suddenly ends up her mother’s caretaker until her mother’s death four months later? Would be people be interested in how a teenager handled and sought to recover from such loss? Or are people more interested in reading fiction and reading things that take them away from the harsh realities of this world? Would I rather write fiction, myself, and not delve into my past of truths to share my story because it might still be painful?

I cannot honestly answer these questions without thinking further about them. And I cannot answer some of the questions because I do not know what other people think or prefer for reading material.

Some things I must think about…

I am open to any thoughts and suggestions anyone might have.

Thanks for reading!

A Daughter's Reflection

A Daughter’s Reflection – Updated Publication Time Frame

This past week and especially this morning I have been hard at work with this re-write and last night I had hit a block. I was so confused where to go, so what did I do. I literally just dropped my papers and pen on my desk and prayed for guidance. God has answered my prayer and more quickly than I had expected. I not only know what to do next, I am almost finished with this re-write and this will be the last re-write because I finally, the first time since 2007, feel comfortable and happy with how my story turned out.

So I am going to finish working on the last chapter of this book and then it will just be making the corrections on the manuscript on my computer and then I will be releasing the book for publication. I am looking to have this posted to Amazon by tonight and it should be available in Kindle form by tomorrow. The paperback should be available by the weekend. I will keep you posted the closer I get to publishing the Kindle version and then the paperback.

Keep your eyes open for the updated release!!! Free Kindle promo will be coming soon.

A Daughter's Reflection


Today is a good day for writing, I think. I am working on a memoir I started in my late teens but never fully developed because I wasn’t sure where exactly I wanted to go with it.

A Daughter’s Reflection is my account, as a teenager, of having a mother who was ill with cancer, and having to take care of her for several months both day and night. The book consists of several journal entries. I don’t think I had ever kept a journal until that year. I know, I know. A teenage girl without a journal. Strange, right? I just had never thought of writing until that year when so much was happening and becoming overwhelming I needed a someone to talk to when no one else was around and a place to vet everything. A notebook became that place and God was that person I talked to.

This book will serve to relate my story as a teenager going through grief, depression, anxiety, and a sense of loss, not just in losing a loved one, but not knowing where I stood in the world, you know, where I belonged. In my story you will see changes of the teenager I was while caring for my mother, then through depression, anxiety and loss of self, and then through finding myself in Christ.

I have written a new preface and reorganized the chapters. I have to go through them for some editing. After that, I will need to determine the last chapter or two of the book. I am hoping to have this book out by summer time. I am aiming before that. I will keep everyone updated as I go along. God bless.


Article On Grief

It has taking me a few days to come up with a new way to write this personal experience article on grief. I was thrown for a loop at the beginning on how to begin writing a personal experience piece, so I did some reading online and found some good references. One of the places was Writer On Line: http://www.writer-on-line.com/content/view/325/66/~Articles/Memoir/Turning-a-Personal-Experience-into-an-Article.html

Taking the advice from the above article, I was able to rewrite my article and now find my writing to be going more smoothly. I am finding it easier to stick to my topic and the article is going in direction I originally intended. Thank you, Kathryn Lay, for writing “Turning A Personal Experience Into An Article”.

It is great that other writers can help other writers learn new things and help each other branch out into other areas of writing. This keeps our writing muscles challenged and never bored.

Now I must get back to my article. God bless!


Article for Voice4Society

Okay so I have been working on this one article and have over 1000 words typed up, but wouldn’t you know it. Something already doesn’t feel right about it. I think I may have to go through it and do some reworking. My plan was to have this article done and submitted to Voice4Society by tomorrow evening, but I don’t think I am going to make the deadline I had planned. That doesn’t mean I am not going to try my darndest though. Sure as heck am!

I don’t usually work with outlines, but I think I may have to in this instance. When I am working on the article, I am not only typing up what I have written, but find that when I am typing, I am adding in things I hadn’t thought of previously, however, they may not be in the order I would like to talk about them. Hmm….

The next step, I think I will finish going through the motions of typing and adding in what comes to mind that pertains to the  piece I am working on. If it is one thing I have learned is not to rework something before you even have the rough draft. It totally interrupts the flow of creativity. Best to get everything down first and then go back and do some reworking.

I also need to come up with a title for this piece as well. It is about grief and I was intending to capture my experience with losing a parent while a teenager, however, there are other instances of grief and variances of grief that people feel when it is a parent, a sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent, pet, etc. All of these have their own degree of pain and loss, depending on how close one is to their family, friends and pets.

Hmmm… my mind is going in a few directions now as I continue to type this blog entry. I see several ways I could go:

1) Personal experience article with loss of parent while I was a teenager

2) Personal experiences with losing pets

3) Personal experiences with losing a classmate

4) Personal experience with losing grandparents

5) Personal experience with losing a teacher/family friend

Okay… so this list can go a little further…..and these are all referring to loss and grief by way of death. It just occurred to me that there are other forms of grief as well such as school friends going off to college and losing touch, or parents divorcing, not being able to keep a pet due to allergies, etc. Grief takes many forms, more so than I had previously thought when beginning my article.

Huh….talk about so many ideas I am not sure which way to go for this one article. I will do some thinking and praying about this and will probably contact Voice4Society and see what they prefer right now. Won’t hurt to ask.

Well, guess it is off to get to work. Best of luck to all you writers out there! God bless!