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What the End of Yahoo’s Contributor Network Means for Freelancers | The Freelancer, by Contently

What the End of Yahoo’s Contributor Network Means for Freelancers | The Freelancer, by Contently.

I must say after reading the article above I am infuriated over the closure of Yahoo’s Contributor Network. I worked hard on the articles I submitted to them. I had over 100 articles, poems, and book reviews. All were publishing credits and now they are gone! There is this, and then add the face I never got an email about this didn’t help.

Alas, I must let the anger go because really, maybe this is a good thing. I have my rights back to all my work now and that means I can rework any articles to my delight and find new homes for them. So now, I guess I am on an adventure of sorts. What at first felt horrible, a big bowling ball shot in my gut, turned out to be something good. Something I can work with and who knows, my articles may do much better elsewhere.

The more I think about it, I realize I hadn’t written anything for Contributor Network for  a long time because I felt they paid poorly for the time and effort I put into writing my articles. I wanted to help supplement my husband’s income but I couldn’t do that on like $3 an article. In the end, it wasn’t worth it. Something I did like about it though is that I got to see my work in print and see how many people viewed and even commented on my work.

What really hurt, was the complete loss of all those publishing credits I had. It took time and effort to build that up. Now I have to start again.

I am off on a new adventure in search of a home for my articles.

How do you feel about the Yahoo Contributor Network shutting down?

Have you tried sites like Hubpages, or sites similar? Did you like them? Why, or why not?

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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What’s Your Favorite Content Submission Site?

Alright so there are magazines out there looking for articles of all different topics and lengths, and can take forever to get published by. Now there are, and have been for several years now, these online content submission sites such as:

And on the list goes!

Out of the sites you have tried, which do you think is best and why? Do you think publishing by any of these means is less professional than seeking out a magazine out of the Writer’s Market?

I have been writing for Yahoo Voices (associated content) since 2006 but have really slacked off in the last year or two. I am signed up at hubpages but have not posted a single hub.I have tried getting into Suite 101, and but was denied. It seems you can get published more easily by those who don’t pay much if anything at all, but others like Suite 101, and have stricter guidelines to publish and turn people away. I don’t even know how much these guys pay, since I have not been able to get in with them.

My hang up with the “other” guys? Payment. I do a lot of research for topics I write and I’d like to get paid a reasonable amount for the time and research and I put into my writing. I am a stay at home mom with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome so I write in spurts, when I am having my good days. Regardless of these physical ailments, writing is a challenge and takes time for anyone and I believe we should be paid fairly for the research we do and the work we produce. For my personally, I feel like these pages are an “easy” way to get published and in front of people, but honestly, when people see that you have been published on these sites, do they take you as a serious writer, or has the definition of “serious writer” changed over the past few years with so many new means of publishing?

Does it matter to you, the writer, that you get paid for what you write, or do you just like writing and publishing and don’t really care too much if you are paid?

I am not trying to put anyone down here, just curious to the different views out there, and I know this can be a controversial topic. Feel free to post your thoughts. Really curious what others are thinking about this.

Have a great day and keep writing!