General Updates

Stepping Back A Bit

Lately, I have had to make the tough decision to step back from writing a bit. I won’t be going as hardcore as I was trying to write, but not getting much done because of stress and not balancing social media very well. Health conditions are also butting in and I am exhausted.

So I am going to step back a bit from social media and blogging, but I will continue to write a little bit of something every day if I feel up to it. Right now, until my health is figured out, I must do this.

I hate to, because I love to write and would love to full time, but it comes a point when something you used to love so much, is now nothing but a stressor. Just means a break for a while and to attack other areas that need attention and the down time will also give me time reevaluate things.

In the mean time, if I do post on this blog. It will be maybe once a month just to update everyone or if I have found something  of interest on writing or a good book. I guess we will see what happens.

God bless!


General Updates

A Personal Decision

For all of my readers whether on my blog or Facebook, I feel I need to let you all know I am taking a break from writing and not sure when I will get back to it. I have been going through depression for over seven years, but I have reached a phase in my recovery where I need to take time off from the career (writing) that I was pursuing. I can’t handle the stress it brings and I just have so much fatigue, and trouble focusing, and little motivation to do anything. Things are a LOT better than they used to be so I know therapy and such are working, but right now, I need to take a break from things and just let myself read some self help books and meditate on what I learn and just take it easy and try to enjoy life as it is…learn to accept the positive changes in my life and embrace them and NOT be afraid of them. So, I have some things to focus on in my personal life, so you may not see me post for a while at least not about writing projects. On Facebook, you won’t seem promoting any of my work and I probably won’t be participating in Camp NaNo or National Novel Writer’s Month this year.

I hope you all understand. This break will give me time to reflect on the changes in my life, how to accept them and deal with all of the hardships and changes I’ve been through as a result.  I am on a journey of self discovery…and only God knows where that will lead me.

God bless you all in all you do as he guides you on the right path.


The Gluten Free Directory

Busy Day of Writing While Listening to The Creative Penn Podcast

Worked all day and most of the night on The Gluten Free Directory. I could work more, but I accomplished quite a bit and think I need to go rest for now. It’s after midnight where I am. Need my rest to take care of a sick husband and daughter tomorrow.

So I started out with only 44 companies offering gluten free products and I don’t just mean food. I am also referring to gluten free supplements, gluten free dog food too, something I was surprised to see. My list has grown to about 200 companies and my edit of this book has only just begun. Can you imagine how many companies I’ll have when this book is finished…well…tentatively finished, since it is a book that will constantly have to be updated to include the most up to date information.

This evening, while I was working on the book, I was listening to podcasts from Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn. Listening to her talk to other Indie authors and marketers is very inspiring and relaxing. I didn’t feel alone in my work, hearing other authors go through a lot to get a book written, published, and then marketed. Everyone seemed to have various methods on how they became successful.  Love this podcast and subscribed to it through iTunes. Highly recommend it.

I think podcasts may be in my future, but I need to read up about it. So we’ll see. Right now I’ll stick to You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Linked In, besides updating this blog.

So that is what I have been up today. Think it is about time to say good night. Will probably work on the book again tomorrow. Night everyone!