Article Finished

Tonight I finished my article titled “Grief Is Not The End” for Voice4Society. The article ended up being nine pages and over 5,400 words. Longer than I had expected, but that’s okay. That is one thing I like about writing is not knowing how long a story, article idea, etc. will keep you enticed so you will keep writing until you just know that moment when all is done.

I used the program eSword to help with my Biblical research for this article. It is a very valuable tool and not only helps me find the verses I am looking for, but it also has some great commentaries as well. I highly recommend it for anyone doing Biblical research and Bible study.

I will post a link to my article when I get word that it has been published. Please, stay tuned!

Tomorrow I will be working on fleshing out some notes that were given to me by the V4S staff, so it will be back to eSword and studying God’s word! Love this opportunity to learn and to teach! 🙂


General Updates, november nano

Busy Days


I tell ya, last night and this morning have been busy. My bedroom is also my office right now and you can imagine the papers and books everywhere and how I have to keep the floor clean and… ugh. It’s not just writing things that get piled up, it’s magazines and newspapers I like to read that may become places to submit material, and then craft projects I am trying to work on to make sure they are done by Christmas…and gifts to send to family members who have had babies recently…

So, I have been really cleaning up and going through my files to see if there are papers I still need or not. I guess it’s like spring cleaning at the end of summer.  lol Guess I’m late on getting the spring cleaning bug. Well, not really. All year I have been trying to clean and organize so I can get to my cooking school, my writing school, and my Bible study, but the clutter was just too much. Today, I think I will manage to get a system together and FINALLY have things straightened out and have a work flow at my desk and be able to accomplish all that I would like in a day.

I’m off to finish the rest of the cleaning and organizing and then to get some tasks such as snail mailing some friends, and working on my schools and Bible study. Also to track my foods and activity at Sparkpeople.com which has helped me to lose about 39 pounds so far. I am thinking of writing about my experiences with SparkPeople and how the websites tools and supportive community have helped me so far as well praying to God to help me keep going on this way to renewing my body for His service.

So many ideas swimming in my head for things to write. It’s old times where my imagination is just wild at the moment and itching to get to writing. I must go for now, and finish what little cleaning and organizing I need to do and then get to work.

Take care all, and don’t forget that the November NaNo is not far away!!! I’m excited! Are you excited?

Also, do any of you writers have desks that just never seem to be clean. You find something interesting and set it on your desk to look at it later and then it just seems to keep happening? How do you deal with clutter and keep it from happening?

Until next time,

Have a great day!


Yahoo Contributor Network

“Scarificial Lamb” and “He Has Risen!”

Yesterday and today I have submitted to pieces to the Yahoo Contributor Network, both dealing with Easter.

“Sacrificial Lamb” is a poem that depicts the life of Christ up through his resurrection.

“He Has Risen!” is an article where I took about six verses relating to Easter and wrote about how they related to Easter and how those verses have affected me in some way.  The Bible I used for this is the New Revised Standard Version, which is just a version of the Bible that has been the easiest for me to read and understand.

Both of these pieces are currently under review. I will post links when they become available for viewing.

A Forever Friend, november nano

Updates On NaNo Book

I had not realized how long it has been since I have written a blog post about my writing. Where have I been? lol Well I am back, having cleared off my writing desk, and with everyone else in the house asleep, I am here to let everyone know what I have been up to. I have been writing in a small book all of the projects I am looking forward to working on, but the most pressing is the book that I wrote for NaNo this year. I have a couple of titles for this book “My Christian Journey” and “A Forever Friend” and I am not sure which title I like the best. The book still has to undergo it’s first major edit and then maybe another edit or two, but I am excited to be working on this book and can’t wait to see it in its final stages. Here is a picture of the book.

A Forever Friend
So this is the manuscript I have to edit and looking through it tonight, I have realized that this book is not going the way I had hoped and that a MAJOR part of it may be dumped in the trash. I want this book to be a testimony of faith to others for all that God has done for me but it is not turning out that way. So now I am back to the drawing board and nead to learn some basics on how to write a good faith based testimonial before I can move on. I’m nervous about all these changes and just hope I can make this new book meet the standards of at least 50,000 so I can have it printed by CreateSpace for free thanks for having won this years NaNo I can do that. Oh so many things to think about and research. I may start on that tonight and then get to bed. Take care all and I wish the best for you all, especially those of who NaNoers who are also in the field of editing. God bless.