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NaNo Day 11 – Waiting For The Time!

Today is Day 11!!! Week Two of NaNoWriMo!

Phew! I’ve made it this far along with so many other NaNoWriMos!! Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back!

Week two will prove to be tough I am sure. With the excitement wearing off of an anticipated adventure with your characters and new scenes. If you’re at a point like me, writing is getting a bit harder and I’m finding holes in my story, or parts of my story are not fitting with other parts. I am making notes and moving on in the direction I’d like my story to go. I don’t have time now to go through and play editor. That’s what we’re NOT supposed to do and I think I have learned how to do that pretty well… uh… most of the time.

It’s not quite time to NaNo yet. First I must make dinner. Having Fettuccine Alfredo with Beef Tips, then family time, then daughter to bed, and THEN time to write!!!

Off to make dinner!

Good job to those who are done writing for the day and good luck to those who are currently writing, or are going to write!

May God guide your every pen, or keystroke!


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Back To It Again

Ah, so here we are again. I said I was going to take a break from writing and search out other things in life, like other interests, but there comes a problem when characters keep popping into my head and scenes play like moves, and story is just begging to be told. Characters sit in my head, acting out their stories, but their stories are not being heard. Why? Because I am not writing them.

It seems as though a writer cannot take a TRUE vacation from writing. It is in the very core of their being, part of what God built into them, into me. When I tried to pursue other interests, I realized that these other interests involved some kind of writing as well, so really, I wasn’t taking a break at all.

So I have decided to pick up one of the fictional stories I started last year for Camp NaNoWriMo called Lasting Shadow and see how much farther I can get with that. Finding my story and character sheets will be interesting. If I can’t find them already printed and sitting in my filing cabinet, I will have to print everything again, but that’s no big deal. I’ll just happy to write fiction and have fun doing it.

When my daughter is old enough, she’ll get to read my stories and that just brings a smile to my face. Also, to keep writing, is do not only what God built into me when he made me, but also to continue to pursue something my mother was very supportive of when she found out I wanted to be a writer in my early teen years. So in a way, writing is like honoring her memory as well. I’m sure she would be proud of me if I kept going, but perhaps disappointed if I stopped writing, but I don’t think that is an option for me. I have learned so much. Not just to write a novel, but how to social network, how to blog, how create my own book covers, how to publish via CreateSpace and Amazon KDP, writing press releases.

I have learned all of this and I am helping and elderly woman from my church by the name of Phyllis Georgina Rose who has just published her book The Rose Garden. I am using my skills to help her publish her books and help her books to become more known. All I can do is try my best and pray. God will have to take it the rest of the way.

You will find both Phyllis’ book and my books on as well as Amazon and other places online. I hope you check out our work!

We’ll continue to work hard so you have more to read. 🙂