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The Art of the Book Cover with Laura Duffy, Designer [Interview] — The Book Designer

The Art of the Book Cover with Laura Duffy, Designer [Interview] — The Book Designer.


So taking a look at this. I really need to study the art of book cover design more carefully. I am thinking of redoing the covers for my books, but need to study this more carefully before I do.

might look into a book cover designer, but I know they can be pricey, and lets face it, not everyone has that kind of money. Something to pray about.

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Indie AuthorArtist Book Catalog

Okay I had this idea of creating a catalog of books created by Indie Authors. This idea just popped into my head today.

So far the catalog would include:
Author biographies (brief)
Author pictures
Book covers
Book information including formats they are available in, price, page length, summary
Links to books
Links to author site/blog
Who created your book covers

If you have any ideas to add to this, or would like to take part in this, please feel free to contact me via email with all of the above information. Please, don’t forget to tell me what genres your books are in.

I look forward to hearing from you!