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Stepping Back A Bit

Lately, I have had to make the tough decision to step back from writing a bit. I won’t be going as hardcore as I was trying to write, but not getting much done because of stress and not balancing social media very well. Health conditions are also butting in and I am exhausted.

So I am going to step back a bit from social media and blogging, but I will continue to write a little bit of something every day if I feel up to it. Right now, until my health is figured out, I must do this.

I hate to, because I love to write and would love to full time, but it comes a point when something you used to love so much, is now nothing but a stressor. Just means a break for a while and to attack other areas that need attention and the down time will also give me time reevaluate things.

In the mean time, if I do post on this blog. It will be maybe once a month just to update everyone or if I have found something  of interest on writing or a good book. I guess we will see what happens.

God bless!


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NaNo Day 13 – Frustration Setting In



Okay, today is proving to be one frustrating day with my story. My writing is going pretty well, that’s not the problem. The problem is the more I write and just let the story go, I am seeing it go in several directions and one character I need to carrying through the story to get to a pivotal point with another character is not being carried through the story. Ugh!!

I’m getting a tension headache. I am trying to figure something out before my writing session in a couple of hours. I really would hate to have to go through seven chapters and try to figure this out, but if I don’t, I’m worried my story is going to lose a pivotal point in the plot it really needs.

Another thing that is making this story difficult, is I have based my main male character off from a very notable person in music history and I’m using some names of places and events in this person’s past, but I’m scared of getting anything too close because this person, though passed away, has an enterprise with his name on it and I don’t want to step on any legalities.

I’m feeling quite overwhelmed right now and wish I had a sounding board! I so need one! Anyone else get stuck in the middle of NaNoWriMo with story issues that can halt progress? What do you do about it? Do you talk to another writing buddy? Pray? What helps you?

I know God is helping me so I’ll figure it out.

Well, off to the kitchen for dinner and then dessert. Then kiddo to bed and writing time.

Good luck everyone!


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Day 5! Time To Write

Number 5


Daughter is just off to school! Busy morning already and trying to calm myself down and relax and get into the writing mode is something else.

Starting off with 7659 words right now. May God guide my every keystroke and help me to at least meet the word count today.

Good luck everyone!

If you’re looking to add me as a writing buddy feel free! I look forward to cheering you on!



Day and Night: A Collection of Nature Poetry Gets New Look!!

So the next book I was working on changing the look to is Day & Night: A Collection of Nature Poetry. The second cover looks far better than the first. A definite growth in understanding book cover design from when I first published my books. Well, you can see for yourself:

1st Book Cover
1st Book Cover
2nd cover
2nd cover
This is the back cover that goes with the new 2nd cover.
This is the back cover that goes with the new 2nd cover.

I have also made some improvements to the manuscript as well.

I hope you enjoy the newer cover and updated interior!

Off to work on the next book that needs updating.


Free Audio Book – Day and Night: A Collection of Nature Poetry

Do you like poetry? How about nature? How about putting the two together in Nature Poetry!

I have Promo Codes for 5 FREE copies of the audio-book version of my poetry book “Day & Night: A Collection of Nature Poetry”.

What I have decided to do is ask one question a day and whoever is the first person to get the question right, will win a free promo code to my audio-book.

Look for the question coming up in my next post later today!

See you then.



Author Spotlight

Persistant Love by Laura J. Marshall – Free Kindle Book

I would like to introduce you all, my blog followers & readers, to author Laura J. Marshall. Here is a bit about her new book Persistent Love. A brief author Q&A and bio will follow. Thanks for reading and please check out her book!


Free Tuesday May 14th and Wednesday May 15th

Persistent Love:

Christian Romantic Suspense Novella set in 1685, England.

Fear has been Tara’s constant companion since age nine when she witnessed her mother’s murder. Tara’s father moves his family to the ancient castle of Raven’s Cliff, far from the ships that could carry her back to India and the answers she believes lie there. Andrew offers her friendship and guides her gently to the One who will give her peace. Will she find hope for something other than revenge?

A Brief Q&A with the Author, Laura J. Marshall.

Q: How many books have you written and in what genres?

A:  I have written two devotionals in my Battle Cry Devotional series (with three more slated for release), a story in a non-fiction anthology, and this fiction work which is Christian Suspense/Historical.


Laura J. Marshall is the full-time mother of five sons and part-time writer and blogger. She operates a popular blog called The Old Stone Wall. Laura is the best-selling author of the Battle Cry Devotional Series. Visit to find out more about Laura’s books.


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What’s Your Favorite Content Submission Site?

Alright so there are magazines out there looking for articles of all different topics and lengths, and can take forever to get published by. Now there are, and have been for several years now, these online content submission sites such as:

And on the list goes!

Out of the sites you have tried, which do you think is best and why? Do you think publishing by any of these means is less professional than seeking out a magazine out of the Writer’s Market?

I have been writing for Yahoo Voices (associated content) since 2006 but have really slacked off in the last year or two. I am signed up at hubpages but have not posted a single hub.I have tried getting into Suite 101, and but was denied. It seems you can get published more easily by those who don’t pay much if anything at all, but others like Suite 101, and have stricter guidelines to publish and turn people away. I don’t even know how much these guys pay, since I have not been able to get in with them.

My hang up with the “other” guys? Payment. I do a lot of research for topics I write and I’d like to get paid a reasonable amount for the time and research and I put into my writing. I am a stay at home mom with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome so I write in spurts, when I am having my good days. Regardless of these physical ailments, writing is a challenge and takes time for anyone and I believe we should be paid fairly for the research we do and the work we produce. For my personally, I feel like these pages are an “easy” way to get published and in front of people, but honestly, when people see that you have been published on these sites, do they take you as a serious writer, or has the definition of “serious writer” changed over the past few years with so many new means of publishing?

Does it matter to you, the writer, that you get paid for what you write, or do you just like writing and publishing and don’t really care too much if you are paid?

I am not trying to put anyone down here, just curious to the different views out there, and I know this can be a controversial topic. Feel free to post your thoughts. Really curious what others are thinking about this.

Have a great day and keep writing!


General Updates

Working On Projects for Friends

Today I took a break from working on my own writing to work on some projects for a woman who is elderly, but seeking to live her dream as a writer. She doesn’t quite grasp the computer age, but she tries. Since I have more experience in the writing and published field as well as computers, I have decided to help her out.

I started writing her author biography today, but first I spent some time reading about writing a good author biography to see how things have changed since I last wrote mine several years ago wish some updates. I think I am going to have to change mine! An update is in order.

It is a chore to write your own author biography, but the real challenge comes when you write one for someone else. While I am working on putting a professional spin on her biography, I have sent her some interview questions that will help me to write her biography, as well as an interview article, and possibly help with writing the press release for her book The Rose Garden.

Then, I will be helping a friend post updates on his blog about his adventures into the world of developing apps. He is starting off with an Android App called OrganicGarden. He has a list of things he wants to talk about on his blog, so this will be more learning experience, but also a learning curve into the world of a computer engineer. Shall be enlightening! He hasn’t added anything to his blog in quite some time. I guess he hadn’t found what he really wanted to do yet.

So that is what I have been working on for today. I have made some progress. Not as much as I had hoped, but I am thankful for what I was able to get done. Now we’ll see what tomorrow will bring.

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New NaNo Story

Well, I have started work on a new story for NaNo. It will be fantasy. I am runny far behind on being ready for NaNo to start, but that’s okay. I can still work on some development as I go.

Still need to come up with a title and some character names, but the final decisions will come later. Right now I may just throw some names in there as fillers.

I have the basic story idea about done. Then it will be developing the characters I am seeing carry out various actions to make this story work. Man, I am having dialogue coming to me and my story crying to be written. Oh, how am I going to be able to wait until Nov 1st to begin writing? It’s so hard!!!!

How are you fellow NaNoWriMos coming along with your story? Are you ready for the month long event? Do you plan on staying home and writing or getting out with other writers in your area? I haven’t fully decided what I am going to do. Will have to see if there are any meetings close to me.

Well, I know this isn’t much of an update this time. Hopefully, I’ll have more to say later. Best of luck and happy writing!



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Research for November NaNo Story

Well, I talked some things over with my hubby who is a great sounding board for me. I was struggling with what genre I wanted to try and write a story in. We are both Trekkies and so he suggested watching Star Trek for ideas for a sci fi story. I thought about it for maybe a split second and totally agreed it was a good idea. Of course I would start with the Original TV series which is my favorite no matter how unrealistic it may seem to today’s TV series and movies. And then perhaps, when I am finished with the original series I’ll watch the Next Generation, which I have seen some of but not much.

Then this gets me thinking further about other space like movies or TV shows I like and I am led to Star Wars. Ah, so there goes more research and ideas.

…..Then there is also Battlestar Galactica which I have seen several episodes and find it very intriguing. Still need to continue watching the series.

Okay, okay. So you’re probably wondering: “How far is she going to go with all this ‘research’?” Good question. I really don’t know. I watch these until I have enough ideas to form a story. Let’s just hope I am able to get this all in BEFORE NaNo starts, or at least have enough to start a story and then watch more of these at night while my husband is in bed. Will be fun trying to watch these movies on my laptop with my headphones on and a notebook and pen in my lap for any ideas that pop out at me.

I can just see myself now and it makes me laugh! Ah, but what fun this is being a creative soul. You never know where your imagination will take you or what precarious situations you will find yourself in just to get those good ideas.

Well, off to do some fun “research”! Night all and best of luck in your story planning!