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Cold with Fresh Powdery Snow

I look out my sliding glass doors and see a few inches of the white stuff. Yep! I’m talking about snow! My daughter will be so happy when she sees it’s snowed! She will want to go outside and play I’m sure.

My writing has tapered off lately. In my last post I wrote about preparing for NaNoWriMo. Well, that didn’t happen this year. Third trimester pregnancy fatigue and gall bladder attacks have plagued me. Trying to nurse my gall bladder with non fat foods and “gut rest” in which I only drink ginger ale when it acts up. Docs are hoping to limp me through the rest of the pregnancy so I can have the baby first and then have my gall bladder removed. Yippee! What fun!

I haven’t been working on a lot. Preparing the home for the baby and taking care of some clutter. But the writing desire remains strong. It’s always there whispering, “Hey, write something, will ya?” Oh, how I’d love to. Part of me is still trying to figure out just what I want to write. Do I want to write novels? Or stick with shorter works like poetry, articles, and short stories? I really have to stop and think about the time I have on my hands and I certainly don’t have time or physical stamina (right now) for writing a novel. So for now I think I’ll stick with shorter works. I’ve also been writing in my journal just trying to keep up the writing skills.

Writing time this week may be scarce as my daughter is off from school this week as well as doctor’s appointments and oh yes, preparing for Thanksgiving dinner and dessert. But I’m going to try to get a few minutes in, most every day on something even if it’s just in my journal. That’s something!

I always find this week challenging especially with NaNo. This week always was the hardest to get the word count in with so much going on. For those of you doing NaNo this year, how do you cope when your children are off school for vacation, or your schedules are hectic?

I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment. Have a great day!

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What the End of Yahoo’s Contributor Network Means for Freelancers | The Freelancer, by Contently

What the End of Yahoo’s Contributor Network Means for Freelancers | The Freelancer, by Contently.

I must say after reading the article above I am infuriated over the closure of Yahoo’s Contributor Network. I worked hard on the articles I submitted to them. I had over 100 articles, poems, and book reviews. All were publishing credits and now they are gone! There is this, and then add the face I never got an email about this didn’t help.

Alas, I must let the anger go because really, maybe this is a good thing. I have my rights back to all my work now and that means I can rework any articles to my delight and find new homes for them. So now, I guess I am on an adventure of sorts. What at first felt horrible, a big bowling ball shot in my gut, turned out to be something good. Something I can work with and who knows, my articles may do much better elsewhere.

The more I think about it, I realize I hadn’t written anything for Contributor Network for  a long time because I felt they paid poorly for the time and effort I put into writing my articles. I wanted to help supplement my husband’s income but I couldn’t do that on like $3 an article. In the end, it wasn’t worth it. Something I did like about it though is that I got to see my work in print and see how many people viewed and even commented on my work.

What really hurt, was the complete loss of all those publishing credits I had. It took time and effort to build that up. Now I have to start again.

I am off on a new adventure in search of a home for my articles.

How do you feel about the Yahoo Contributor Network shutting down?

Have you tried sites like Hubpages, or sites similar? Did you like them? Why, or why not?

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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Frustrated Mom Writer – Where To Publish

Okay, so it is after midnight where I am on the East Coast and I am frustrated. I do a search online to find places to publish articles and all I keep find are these places that don’t pay you up front for your work, but only earn money through revenue from ads. To me, I say the heck with that. I put my heart and soul into my work, I don’t want to be paid a mere pittance for the time and research I took to write something. People, make your writer’s happy and pay them up front for their work and don’t mean pay them $3, but pay them upwards of $15 or more depending on length and scope. It is only fair to the writer for the work they are doing to be paid properly. And then, say after a certain amount of time the rights return to the author and they are free to publish the article again. Some writers are just out their to make a name for themselves and not necessarily make any money. I am a stay at home mom, trying to find honest places that pay well enough to help me supplement my husband’s income.

And I have some book ideas. But self publishing and POD publishing are turning to be a crock so far. Traditional publishing just takes so long and when you need the money soon than later you really can’t afford to wait.

I am stuck. I feel like the world of really good publishing opportunities for the writer are dying. Writing is a passion for me and I have so much inside me I want to share. But with not knowing where to publish, my words will die with me.