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Sci Fi Research On Hold, New Ideas

My Sci Fi research is on hold. I’m not sure for how long. I am taking a writing course through Winghill Writing School and they say not to start writing in a genre you know nothing about. They say to write what you love to read about and for me, I love to read fantasy and historical fiction. So, I think that is the way I will go for now for writing for NaNo, but that is not to say I will never try my hand at Sci Fi. Oh, no. I love to watch it, but I need to spend some time researching the genre and reading Sci Fi to get a good feel for it. I just didn’t feel I could come up with a good Sci Fi story in just a couple of weeks of NaNo starting. It would be a forced story and not a good one.

So what am I working on for the November NaNo this year? That is a good question. I have had some ideas for nonfiction pieces I’ve been wanting to write and have written a rough draft several years ago, but have not published the book because it didn’t seem to work. I have been through the health trials of PTSD, gluten intolerance that when undiagnosed for so many years I developed allergies (food and environmental  and asthma. The thing is I have so MUCH information due to journal entries I get so overwhelmed and writing strictly nonfiction can bring back some of the emotions with those situations.

So my question to all the readers of nonfiction out there: Would you prefer a strictly nonfiction book on someone’s life experiences  or would you enjoy a fiction story that is “based on true life experiences”?

I feel personally that writing my experiences in a fictional setting would be easier emotionally for me, but what I really want to write is what my readers prefer to read.

I pray I get a LOT of response to this blog post. I really do want to know what readers prefer regarding this issue.

Thank you so much for you time.

Have a wonderful, blessed day!


Camp NaNoWriMo

Allergies and Writing

Well, my writing has been going at a slow place lately. I believe allergies are really kicking my butt and keeping me from getting a good night’s sleep and therefore I’m groggy and not feeling well the following day. Hopefully a doctor’s appointment later this afternoon will help with the allergy situation. Guess we’ll see.

My writing will have to wait until I am feeling better. I did make a dent in my story, Lasting Shadow, for the August Camp NaNo, though I don’t know if I’ll be reaching my word count for this month, but I’m not giving up yet. The best I can do is take each day as it comes and do what I can during that day without pushing myself to the point of feeling ragged. To all those writers out there best of luck on your project. And to all those allergy sufferers, best of luck in managing your symptoms and getting the most out of each day!