Facade – December 2018 this book is still going through some changes but I have not been working on it since I have been busy with two nonfiction projects. Once those are done I’ll be moving back to Fiction. – As of December 2019 I have been finished with those nonfiction projects and this book is finished. All it needs is  an edit and then I’ll be publishing  it.

About Facade

Facade is about the birth of twin boys in the 1930s. One grows up with a musical ability that everyone loves. But the other, most assume he can’t sing because he never tries. But one day he stands in for his brother who is sick all thinking he is his brother. He feels the energy from the crowd and wants to be a singer of his own stage, live in a mansion of his instead of being his brother’s body guard. But he is approached by his brother’s manager that if he becomes a singer it will ruin his brother and the good thing he has going. The brother blames his brother for all that is going wrong in his life and both end up in a car accident where both are seriously injured.


Where oh Where Can My Baby Be?

This story is about a man named Lawton who is love sick  and looking for the right woman to come into his life. He tries and but doesn’t have much lunch. He goes to work the next next day and sees this ice cream truck pull up. It’s a hot day so his boss told everyone to take a break and get some ice cream. When it was Lawton’s turns he walked to the window and when this beautiful young lady asked him what he wanted had froze. He couldn’t couldn’t talk or move, but when she asked again he snapped out of it and told her a drumstick and then started talking to her  and asked her out on a date which to his surprise she said yes.

They go on several dates and Lawton asks her to marry him. She says yes, and there is a big wedding and reception. Children follow afterwards, but tragedy strikes after three short years leaving one parent alone to care for the children.

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