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So Many Ideas

Okay, so my mind is going totally crazy with all sorts of ideas. I have two books I started last year. One was with Camp NaNo and the other was with the regular NaNoWriMo. So I could work on those…but then my mind is like, you have been through some things that could help others like PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, being highly sensitive to certain things, gluten intolerance…why not write those first since more people would benefit? Then, there are these ideas for creating a magazine or two, problem with that is getting contributors who will work for free at the start. Ugh!!! I desire to write, but why can’t I decide what to write about? Can’t figure out why this decision is so hard!

Has anyone else run into this same problem? Maybe it’s just something someone with the “idealist” personality goes through such as me. I am an INFP.

So darned hard to focus on one thing. But I think I will work on the book about PTSD since I most have that written, just need to make some changes and I’ll be done with the first draft.

After that will be the book on gluten intolerance, which I have mostly written as well and just need to make a few changes on that will have another rough draft.

Wow! Guess I was closer to having two more books done and didn’t even realize it. I think after those two books are done I can make another decision on what to write. I will keep everyone updated on my progress. Best of luck to everyone!

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Secret Anguish Book Update

This morning I took the time to go through my book Secret Anguish: A Journey to Better Health and realized it is not as finished as I once thought it was. I have a few things to add to the book since as my recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder, but really it isn’t far from being finished.

I’m still trying to decided on whether or not to self publish this book or try to commercially publish. It’s so hard to decide these days. Either way there are no guarantees. I even recorded a video as I have started video blogging to go with my regular blogs. I have posted the video of You Tube but I will see about either embedding the video in the blog itself or just pasting the link here. Grrr! I am using the WordPress App for Ipad and it doesn’t have a way to add video or even pictures into your blog. How frustrating. Now I have to go to the site to ad the video. Bother! Thought this app was going to make things a little simpler but I guess not. Anyhoo, I will post the video to my blog if I can.

Take care and God bless.

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Merging of Blogs: Writing with Christian Walk

Hello everyone,

I was going through my blogs and realized that I had one for writing and one for going through life a Christian. Well, really how can I split the two when I am a Christian and it’s part of everything I do, even writing. So I will be deleting my Christian blog and just talking about things here. I hope that doesn’t scare people away, but I am certain it will happen, but then maybe there will be some new viewers as well.

Earlier this evening I was talking to an elderly woman from church and we were talking about the relationship between us and God. Here is what I had to say:

Having a close relationship with God is a beautiful thing and I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in our lives we forget how beautiful that relationship can be. I know when I am writing, or doing anything creative…I guess you can say when I am alone I notice God’s presence more and I am more aware of how he is working with me on my projects. Especially with my writing. I have always felt God is right there with me giving me the words and phrases to write down and telling me which ones NOT to write down and which kinds of characters to use and which ones not to use.

God has transformed me in the past few years. I used to write about vampires, and demons, and gypsies, but now I get a horrible knot in my stomach when it comes to that kind of stuff. As God would have it, since I first watched a Jane Austen movie (can’t remember which one it is now) I have fallen in love with historical fiction. Historical fiction will definitely be more pleasing to God and I think he can use these kinds of books to reach people today than he can a book of fantasy. But then, this is God we are talking about and he can use any kind of writing he choose to his will.

Working on my projects is only one span of time I feel God’s presence and become very aware of him. The other times cooking for my family and I thank God for the food so that I can feed us; and then playing games with my family whether the games are on the Wii, Ipad, board games, or card games, I thank God for my family and the precious time we have together. So many times I want to break down and cry because I feel it goes by too quickly. I also think of God when we are driving and pray for protection and I pray for protection while in stores too. You never know what someone could do.

Listen to me ramble here. I guess I could go on and on when it comes to God and the things he has done in my life. I know I plan on writing my testimony. I have started it. But haven’t finished it yet. I have three non fiction books to publish this year. I know one will be published this month. That’s the goal anyway. That book is titled Humble Heart: Daughter’s Reflection and is about the trials I went through while taking care of my mother through her illness and then going through her death and life afterward.

The next book is Secret Anguish: My Journey to Better Health is about how I have never really felt the greatest and started seeing so many doctors and so on for so many years, and being given so many different diagnoses. Well, I have written the book up until I believe either 2009 or 2010 and now just need to add some information from this year from being diagnosed bipolar, having aspects of PCOS, etc. My goal with the book is to tell my story, but then give hope at the end to never give up because you’re never alone. You’ve always got the ultimate strength by your side and that is God and he will NEVER leave you.

The last nonfiction piece is my testimony.

Oh wow. Here it is going on 1AM. Not surprising I guess. Rarely ever in bed before midnight anyway. But I will go for now. Take care.


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Back In The Game

Well, here I am listening to my music and back in the game of writing. Feeling great about life, now that I am off anti-depressants, still on an anti-anxiety though. Come to find out the anti-depressants I was on were actually making me feel depressed and making me sluggish and have not energy or interest in things. Now I a feel like a woman who has been freed. My clarity of mind has changed as well as my motivation and energy, and not to mention my quick wit and goofiness. lol.

I have come to realize that God has placed some changes within me. I used to write about vampires and all that supernatural stuff and read Stephen King and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles as well as was influenced by R.L. Stine. My tastes in what I read and write have changed quite a bit. I am finding I am more influenced by Jane Austen, Janet Evanovich, John Grisham, Jean Auel and James Patterson, all to various degrees. My new areas of interest are historical fiction, romance fiction (to a degree) and mystery fiction. Now, Since I really have no experience in these areas I have feel I have to do my research and learn about each before I feel comfortable writing in these areas. Granted, I have already started writing two historical fiction novels for Camp NaNo this year, but I have put those on hold for a while. I also have some ideas written down for a mystery novel, but again that is on hold while I educate myself.

Now the next step is trying to figure out where to go to find the information that is going to help me learn about these areas of writing. My local library didn’t have the books I was looking for so I guess I’ll just stick to using the Internet for now to see what I can find and then go from there. So this week I ‘ll be concentrating on learning the ins and outs of historical fiction writing. Hopefully what I find I’ll be able to put in a post and help other writers looking for the same information. Who knows? Guess we’ll find out.

Best of luck to everyone this week and God bless.

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Kindle Books

I’ve been busy today putting together some small poetry manuscripts for Kindle. The three that I published today were: Heat of the Night: A Collection of Poetry on Love, Day & Night: A Collection of Nature Poetry, and Everlasting Arms: A Collection of Religious Poetry. I think I had them set to sell for $0.99 but I will have to double check that. I also published, The History of Sackets Harbor, New York. Once the links become available for these works I will put up another post. Now that those are done I am going to get to work on Facade. I still need to work on some background information for characters and the bare bones of an outline all before tomorrow when Camp NaNo starts. Shall be fun! Sure can’t wait for tomorrow! I check back in then!