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Fear and Writing

You at your computer, or maybe sitting at a table with a pen in hand and a notebook in front of you. You’re writing along and having a great time. Days pass and the weeks and months go by until you have a finished manuscript. You feel great that you have finished a novel and you feel it’s time to celebrate. You pop the cork on the bottle of champagne, take a swig and then your enthusiasm dissipates when you realize you now need edit and rewrite your book to help it reach it’s best for publication.

You freeze… “I can’t do this,” you think. “What if I can’t make it good enough? What if people don’t like my writing? What if I make a mistake in the historical fiction I’m writing and someone discovers it? Oh, I don’t think I can publish it.”

You put the champagne away and go slump on your couch. All these questions going through your head and self-doubt settling in. You ask yourself if this is normal for a writer? And the answer is “YES”. Though it doesn’t feel normal nor does it feel very good. Anxiety and publishing usually go hand-in-hand because you’re putting your work in front of an editor and then in front of the world to see. It can be nerve wracking to think someone won’t like your work, or will criticize the heck out of it.

But we write and publish for those who WILL like our work and enjoying reading it. For those who don’t like our work…well we can’t appeal to everyone. It’s just not possible so why bother trying.

I read a great post by Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn about Fear and Writing and I think you would find some solace in what she has written. http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2013/03/17/writing-fear-of-judgment/

Do you have a fear of writing, editing or publishing? What about creating a writer’s platform? I know I do. Let me know in the comments if you suffer from these fears as well.

Writing Tips

Creating a Writer’s Platform

Creating a writer’s platform is a very engaging task. I have my facebook page set up and my Twitter feed going. This blog is the last and the most time consuming to get going. I say that because there are pages to create, customizing the theme I’m using, linking my other social media accounts and then deciding what to write for a blog post. But in the end, I know the time I spend setting things up will pay off in the end.

As I go along and set up my platform, I am reading, Create Your Writer Platform, by Chuck Sambuchino. There is so much information in this book. I’ll give you a break down of what’s inside by adding the table of contents:

The Principles of Platform

Chapter 1: What is platform?

Chapter 2: The Necessity of Platform

Chapter 3: The 12 Fundamental Principles of Platform

Chapter 4: Choosing Your Niche

Chapter 5: Platform for Fiction and Memoir

The Mechanics of Platform

Chapter 6: Platform Avenues: Which Should You Choose?

Chapter 7: Your Website: The Foundation

Chapter 8: Your Blog: The Extension

Chapter 9: Your Newsletter: The Outreach

Chapter 10: Article and Column Writing

Chapter 11: Public Speaking

Chapter 12: Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, and More

Chapter 13: 4 Side Doors to Platform

Author Case Studies

Final Thoughts

In the book, Chuck, even says not to wait until you have finished reading the book before you start building your writer platform. So, that’s what I did. I did NOT wait. Now I haven’t read all of this book yet, but so far it has been helpful.

If you’re working on your writer platform, or just starting out, I recommend this book

Writing Tips

6 Key Steps To Finding Your Passion As A Writer

Have you ever had a love of writing but at some point, find it died out and writing became more of a chore. Where did the enjoyment go anyway? The following article has some good tips to getting that passion back!


By definition, writers are passionate creatures. You can be an exquisite writer by tapping into the passion of being yourself.

Source: 6 Key Steps To Finding Your Passion As A Writer | Write to Done

Writing Tips

Startling News for Indie Authors – DMCA Abuse

DMCA Abuse


After reading this I was shocked! I had no idea that this could happen. I didn’t even know a DMCA existed or what one was. Thank you Nordine for sharing this post and your updates on how things transpired! 

I guess if you decide to be an independent author you really need to be vigilant in such things. The lure of being an Indie Author sounds so cool at first, but then I hear things like this that make it a little scary. I’m still on the fence of whether to Indie Publish my next book or not. :-\ 

I’m so thankful other authors are out there willing to help fellow authors. We do need to learn from each other. We are a like breed and need help each other along our creative paths. We’re teammates in a way. At least, that is how I look at it. Thanks again for the post!

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Why I Quit Writing

Why I Quit Writing by Joe Bunting touches on what I think EVERY writer goes through at some point in their writing career. I know I have been there soooo many times! I keep telling my husband maybe I should just quit. I’m stuck I don’t know where to go and then we start talking and BOOM in the middle of a conversation I get hit with something, tell him to hold on a minute while go write it down. But then, as soon as I start writing I KEEP writing just as Joe says has happened to him.

I think we get frustrated and at times, suffer from self-doubt. We just don’t see how things are going to turn out and that can be disheartening. But, we will never know how a project will turn out if we never finish it. We might be surprised and we often are.

We do know a couple of things, we love to write, it’s in our blood, and even though it can feel like torture during the moments of writer’s block, once that book is finished, we feel on top of the world!!! It is so worth continuing on through the tough stages to reach…THE END.

Thanks, for your post, Joe!

Writing Tips

The Art of the Book Cover with Laura Duffy, Designer [Interview] — The Book Designer

The Art of the Book Cover with Laura Duffy, Designer [Interview] — The Book Designer.


So taking a look at this. I really need to study the art of book cover design more carefully. I am thinking of redoing the covers for my books, but need to study this more carefully before I do.

might look into a book cover designer, but I know they can be pricey, and lets face it, not everyone has that kind of money. Something to pray about.