Day 6 – On the Way Out!



Well, I’m done for the day. I wrote just over 2,000 words. Time to fill the pellet stove with pellets, and walk the dogs before bed. Hittin’ the sack before 1AM this time! lol. Yawning and sleepy-eyed so I know I won’t be up much longer. Much to do tomorrow. Need to make a meal for a family who has a family member going through chemo, so I need to get that done before any writing can be done. 

Well, God bless and everyone have a great night, or early morning, depending on where you live!

Night all!


NaNo Day 3…Ready? Set? Go!!!


Sitting here at the dining room table munching on Back to Nature’s Multi-Seed Gluten Free Rice Thin Crackers and drinking milk thistle and dandelion tea. Crackers for dinner? Yup. That’s right! My sinuses are draining and my belly is highly upset!  Seems to be the course since the weather’s been dry. 

So not feeling so energetic for tonight’s writing spree but I will try to make it anyway. I’m just happy I was able to punch out a few hundred words this morning before church. Pays to get up earlier than normal I guess.

Over 4200 words recorded on the NaNo site so far. Still need to update it from this morning’s writing session. Can’t update it much more if I don’t get crackin’.  Time to join the other NaNoWriMos who have probably already written if not exceeded their word count. I’m such a slacker. lol. Okay not that bad, but will be if I don’t get going.

Best of luck everyone!


Day 2 In The Books!

Number 2


Well, it is midnight now and so I must stop writing…for a few hours at least. lol.

Wrote over 2170 words today. I am a bit ahead which surprises me. I hate to stop now since I am on a roll, but I have church in the morning. Thankfully, the clocks will set back and hour and I get one more hour of sleep!! Well, I hope to anyway. Will a four year old and two dogs, guess we’ll see about that one.

Congrats everyone who made their word count for day 2! If you haven’t quite gotten there, don’t be discouraged and don’t be hard on yourself. Pace your self  and try not to stress out. You’ll get there.

Good night all!


NaNo Day 1 Word Count – Accomplished!

Ahhh… Here we are coming to a close on Day 1 of NaNo. Okay, so there is like 27 minutes left, but I am stopping for the night. I surprised myself by surpassing the daily word count and reaching 2,060 words today. I would still be writing if I didn’t have to go to bed. Have company coming tomorrow so I must get some sleep. 

Good luck to those of you who are still plugging away. Congrats to those of you who have reached or exceeded today’s word count! 

Good night all and see you back tomorrow!


It’s TIIIME!! NaNo is here!

Well today is the day. November 1st. I am feeling okay right now, some pain but tolerable thanks to Aleve.  So I best get typing and see how far I can get today. 

Super excited about my story!

So where are you when you are working on your story for NaNo? Are you at coffee shop with other NaNoWriMos? Are you sitting at home, working in solitude? Are you listening to music or drinking for favorite beverage to help you along? 

For me, I’m sitting in my office, while my daughter is at school, drinking chamomile tea, listening to 50s Rock N Roll on Pandora. Why 50s? Because that is where the bulk of my story is set. Certainly helps set the mood. 

I can’t write a long post write now, but perhaps I’ll be back later.

God bless in your writing endevors!


Bye Bye Smashwords

Okay, so I have been making some changes to where I have my books published. Smashwords….I gave the site a run for a year and made a whopping $7.46!!! Come on! What gives? So many places on the web I have read how great Smashwords is supposed to be at getting your books to Kobo, Apple, Sony, Barnes and Noble, etc. Sure it is great at doing that, but sales through those channels have not amounted to much. For the time, effort, and frustration I put into manuscripts for all their formatting rules…! Ugh I am taking the $7.46 and leaving! I am removing that extra frustration of formatting my books for Smashwords when I already have to do that for Kindle and CreateSpace. I can remove some stress and save a lot of time by cutting out Smashwords. I am not trying to badmouth the site, by all means if you are making it great on Smashwords, then great! It just wasn’t for me.

My books may be on Apple, Sony, B&N and a few other places for the next few weeks, but they will be disappearing soon. Sorry for anyone who uses something other than Kindle. I am thinking of offering my books for sale in these other formats directly from my own website. Something for me to think about.


Free Kindle Book – Once Within A Lifetime

Today my friend, Phyllis Georgina Rose sets her book, Once Within A Lifetime, for free on Kindle for her free Kindle promo days. Her book is a Christian historical romance set in Paris.


Once Within A Lifetime [Kindle Edition]

Once Within A Lifetime
Once Within A Lifetime by Phyllis Georgina Rose
Phyllis Georgina Rose (Author)
Digital List Price: $4.99 What’s this? 
Kindle Price: $0.00 includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet
You Save: $4.99 (100%)

Book Description

Publication Date: March 30, 2013
Triessa Barrett, a successful fashion designer loves her work and traveling to wonderful places. On one of these trips she was told that someone is planning to attend and wants to meet her. She is in for a big surprise for when she meets Todd Noble her whole world is changed so much and she will become a new person with new ways of seeing and doing things. It becomes evident things need to be reworked because they must be able to see one another more often.

A new project comes to mind which is bigger than they realized and the whole family joyfully gets in on the effort and work together to bring this dream to pass. It is a great deal of fast work and wonderful arrangements. Families gather from all over and along the way dark clouds appear on the horizon and threaten to end their hopes and dreams. These fears shake her whole world in a way she has never experienced. 

With discussions and plans, the situation is tactfully brought under control. All goes smoothly and well until an unexpected situation comes to the front and again the dark clouds begin to roll back in. Patience and a little more time helps new plans to offer the solution that will settle their lives, allowing their beautiful dream to come to life in a big way at The Rose Garden.

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    So I here I sit at my laptop, my brain swarming with ideas…fiction…nonfiction…historical…health/food related…poetry…articles…novels… Aye! If I was an octopus I could probably work on all of these things….though I would need more sets of eyes to go with those extra hands. Prioritizing your ideas and tasks is never an easy thing to do. But that is where I am at. 

    Camp NaNo for this month has been put on hold. The story I was working on WILL be written, but the timing of it I don’t think is right. I have other pressing nonfiction stories to write in article and book form. Once I have those done, I am confident my very creative fiction side of me will kick in and I’ll be back to working on Facade (title pending). 

    The corruption in the food industry is heavily on my mind…I am a mom, wife, friend, sister, aunt, cousin, daughter, step-daughter, daughter-in-law…a cook and baker. It saddens me to hear of how a large company Monsanto has been destroying our food chain by altering our food and killing off insects (some beneficial like the honey bee) and they claim they are doing nothing wrong and GMO foods or genetically modified food, is safe for us those studies have proven otherwise. Due to this, my family and I have taken drastic actions in what we eat and have eliminated some foods completely. I am very passionate about this subject and if you’d like to read more I highly recommend this site: http://www.takepart.com/foodinc