Secret Angiush

It has been a long couple of days. I have been working on my next book, Secret Anguish: My Metal Health Journey and I have had to toss out so much of my book because I realized it would’t help my story at all. It had to do with allergies and asthma and that has nothing to do with mental illness. I think this book may be a novella by the time I’m done weeding everything.

I have a couple of chapters I can keep that do have to deal with mental heals so I’ll start my rewrite from there, and see what I come up with. Hopefully, I’ll have a decent manuscript by the time I’m done.

But I’d better get going while I can. Before my 3 year old son needs something and I’m interrupted,

So I’ll work on what I have ready to use and then I should also consult the journal entries I have from years past and see what information they can provide. Well, I’m off. Best of luck to you if you are editing your manuscript. It’s a tough job so take your time and don’t rush it. So long for now!


Taking a Writing Break? Harder Than I Thought

Okay so I said I was going to take a break from writing, but that is proving harder that I thought. I was talking with another author friend, Heather Montford, she suggested I try doing writing prompts instead of trying to write a whole novel while watching my son.

So I did it. This morning i looked up writing prompt sites and found one at Writer’s Digest’s website. I worked on the very first prompt they gave and I found it so freeing to still write even if I may not use what I’m writing. And I’m keeping my writing muscles exercised. I think by doing these prompts and reading, I’ll be in good shape.

Another lesson learned, don’t throw away the advice of a good friend! You never know where it will lead you.

Do you have a favorite writing prompt site, or book? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great day.


Beta Readers

Well I did it. I wrote a book about a month ago with the help of Camp NaNo and I just finished typing up the corrections I had from editing. And I sent my book off to three beta readers. I’m just trying to be patient while I wait for them to receive the file and then read it. Just so curious as to what they will think.

Something else I have gotten into thinking about is setting a more rigid writing schedule and adding goals. You see basically I don’t have a writing schedule which is why I don’t have a whole lot of books published. Part of it is a confidence thing too. So I’m reading at http://www.magnoliamedianetwork.com/use-smart-goals-to-get-your-book-done/

So I’m not setting goals just yet. I want to read more at this latest website and maybe check out a few others. Just thinking about setting goals for writing more has me nervous. You’re probably wondering why and I’m not sure. I want to write more on my next book but I don’t have a story about it yet. I guess I’m waiting on feedback for my first book back to see what I should do.

Do you set goals to help you overcome procrastination? What do you do to keep yourself writing? I’d love to hear from you so please leave comments or write to me at jisoucie@hotmail.com.

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Secret Anguish: Update

Months have flown by without a new post springing from my fingers. Life has been pretty busy with the holidays and all. But I have some time to update you all on what my current project is.

I’m working on Secret Anguish which at one point was going to be about gluten sensitivity, or what we thought was gluten sensitivity until we later found out I really didn’t have one. So now I am recycling the title and using for my story on mental illness.

I have been diagnosed with PTSD, unspecified bipolar disorder with psychosis,  generalized anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, and depersonalization. And I have been going through journal entries since 2005 trying to piece parts of my life together to make this book.

Well I discovered this morning, a journal that I had handwritten and yet typed up like I had done the others to make copying and pasting sections easier (when I needed to do so such as what part is PTSD related, or anxiety related and so forth). So now I have more work to do on top of what I was doing.

Once I get these journal entries typed up and sorted, I’ll be able to go back and work on piecing my book together. My goal is to have my book out before the end of the year. I’m going to work hard on reaching that goal.

Something else that has come my way is teaching my daughter how to create characters because she would like to write her own books. She is 9 and in third grade so I’m curious to see if this is just a passing phase, or if this is going to grow into something more. Whatever the case, I am having a proud mommy moment for the time being.

What are you working on right now? Is it a new novel or short story, a poem, maybe planning a new blog post? I’d love to hear what your’e up to. Or even if you have questions about what the story I’m working on I’d be happy to answer you.

Have a great day and for others who live elsewhere in Maine, be safe out there. Winter Storm Grayson has started unleashing his fury.


Words Fly

This morning I have my iced coffee next to me, the radio blaring WKIT Stephen King’s Radio Station here in Bangor, Maine, while my daughter and her friend play in her room before the bus comes. My son is in his bouncer next to me jumping away and singing to himself.

I have Scrivener open and I’m working on my second book Secret Anguish: My Story of Gluten Intolerance. Problem is I see a couple of different versions of a few chapters and I’m not sure I like either one of them. It’s so tough writing memoirs. I’m not sure if I want to start in the present and work my way backward, or start more toward the beginning, or should I start in the middle. Oh, boy! I sure have my work cut out for me. A lot of brainstorming will be going on today.

Are you writing a memoir, or have you written one already? What did you find most difficult about writing it? Do you have any advice for those writing a memoir?


WINNER Announced!

The winner of my first creative challenged is Heather Montford, from Sackets Harbor, NY with her story Freedom.



There was freedom in the water.

On the land… People weren’t free on the land. They hurried back and forth, their heads in their phones, in their tablets. Their heads were down because anyone who was seen as too proud or too free were looked down upon those looking down on the world from their windows in the high metal and glass buildings. People on the land worked for people they didn’t like, at jobs that drained the very lives from them. People on land went home to families who would not look up from their phones, their tablets, their computers, their gaming systems, their televisions and Blu-ray players.

People on the land had no sense of wonder, no definition of imagination. There was no time in the day to look up, beyond the grayness of their city worlds, to marvel at a sunset or wonder at the colors in a rainbow after a downpour. There was no time to read, to see movies of one’s own making playing in their heads as they read wondrous words across the pages.  

Nobody enjoyed the beach she now sat upon, the glorious cliffs of white stones and the faces carved into them by a nature much more patient than the world as a whole. None of the people on the beach with her stopped to look at the rays of sun streaming like rain through the clouds over the island just yonder. Nobody on the beach sat and listened to the music of the water, lapping gently over the stones and shells on the shore. For some of them on the beach, that had been their intention. To forget, even momentarily, the pressures of the world on land and lose themselves in peace, but their phones held their attention, and they were not free.

She was tired of life on the land. She was tired of not being free to see the world around her. She was tired of being alone in a world overflowing with people. She stood, and shook the sand from her skirt. She slipped off her shoes, and dug her toes into the pebbles, the shells, around her, relishing the feel of each one.

She stepped into the water, feeling it wash the dread and gloom of life on the land away from her. She walked forward, to her ankles, to her knees, to her waist. Her skirt drifted up and became a pool of white ever present around her. She walked until her feet lifted from the ground, and she stayed there, treading water.

She could already breathe better.

When the sun set over the horizon, and the sky turned from orange to a dark, navy blue, her legs turned into the tail she had so missed in her years upon the land. She dove beneath the waves, and she was finally free.

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Quiet Solitude

It’s after 10PM and everyone is in bed asleep. Even the dogs. I should be. Having a newborn I should be sleep when he sleeps but it’s so hard when the writing bug has come and won’t leave! Not that I want it to, mind you. I have one project in the works right now and thinking about another one I am planning to write for Camp NaNo in April. I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy even thinking about doing this with a baby. And no I’m not one of those that does fine on little sleep. I do best on 9. But I am finding that even a little bit of writing, helps me cope with the stresses of everyday life. Plus, it’s fun and I enjoy it. With only 500 words as my word count goal, I think I should be able to reach that each day. We’ll find out!

I’ll be writing a short story this time around. Fantasy like. 

How many of you will be writing this April?

Will you be writing fiction, nonfiction, novel, or short story?

I would love to hear from so feel free to leave me a note in the comments.
Bye for now!



Hi everyone,

I haven’t written anything in some time. I have hit a dilemma. I would like to know what you want to hear from me. Do you want to hear writing updates, writing related posts and news, guest authors, ect. Please let me know so that I can serve you better. Looking forward to your comments.

All the best,

Happy writing! 🙂


Sunny and Breezy in the Writer’s Doldrums

Okay… Here goes. I have to admit I think about this blog and about writing often. Does that mean I actually get to any writing? Um…no. I wish thinking about it meant I was doing the physical work with writing. Like Bobbi does in Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers. What writer wouldn’t love a contraption that typed up the story you were thinking about, even while you were asleep?

The thing is… I haven’t been doing much writing. I think about it constantly especially the current story Facade and several other ideas I could work on after I complete Facade. But I have to concentrate on completing one story or I’ll just jump around feeling all uncertain. Why uncertain? Here is the admitting part…I have low self-esteem and battle with self-doubt. There… 😦 I said it. 

I want to write and publish more but always wonder what I could write that would possibly interest anyone and have thoughts of, “What does it matter? Someone else probably has my idea anyway.” It’s hard to get past this. 

Do any of you deal with this? I am wondering how many writers, or other creative individuals, deal with either low-self esteem, or self-doubt, or both. I would love to hear your stories and what, if anything, you have found to help yourself through those rough moments, and actually get to writing your masterpiece.

A couple of nights ago, I did start writing a new short story from an idea I have had for several years. So that is prgress! Hoping to write more later today.

Best of luck to you all you creative indivdiuals!


Sun Shine & Warmer Temps

The sun i shining brightly through the south windows warming the house. The snow is melting, icicles dripping off the roof, puddles forming in the driveway. Could Spring finally be here? (or close) I sure hope so. I can’t wait to get outside and get my hands in the dirt as I plant seeds in our garden, or pull up earthworms for fishing. 

The warmer temperatures and fresh air bekon me out the door and energize me. I feel energized not only to adventure outdoors, but usually to write and to take a new book off the shelf. It’s like the fresh air and just knowing Spring is close helps to shake of the winter doldrums. 

In one of my last posts I talked about moving away from writing personal experience pieces such as my story of discovering I had Celiac Disease, or losing a parent when I was a teen, and how I want these pieces to be encouraging to those who have gone through something similiar. Well, I must say I have been dealing with self doubt because I have been away from the craft of writing for quite some time. I haven’t taken my writing seriously for so many years and I mean sitting down every day and being dedicated to one project until it is finished. It has been years since I have published anything and now sitting down to look at a blank page even though I have ideas causes anxiety. I think I have run too long and now work through the anxiety. Perhaps many writers deal with this, but this is a first for me. I had no idea that being away from something for so long could being anxiety when trying to get back into it. The fear of, “Oh, no! I forgot what front piece goes where.” or “How do I even begin?” “How should I start this, in the present looking back, or should I start from the beginning as a child?” The questions go on and on until I’d get frustrated and angry and then walk away. I had to break that cycle if I was going to be the writer I claimed to be. The writer I used to be a few years back. The kind of writer I can be again.

Take a deep breath… Relax. I can do this. Let everything go and just write. It’s the first draft and I’ll figure everything else out later. And I’ve done just that. I am happy and excited to announch I have written the first few paragraphs of my next novel tentativley titled Secret Anguish: A Discovery of Celiac Disease. 

Have you been through something simliar? How did you break through your anxiety? Feel free to leave a comment or send an email to jisoucie@hotmail.com