Trouble with Motivation

Dear Janis,

Do you have any advice on motivation?? I really need to get my sugar back down, but always tired and achy these days and find it difficult to get things done. – Rose

Dear Rose,

If you can find things that excite you like maybe trying something new that might help. I have found I’ve been in a rut with my writing but when I started changing things up like started writing for video games and started an advice column, I am enjoying my writing more. Is there anything you can change up that might end up motivating you in the end?

Dear Janis,

Not sure, been trying to do more sewing now. Making baby things for the coming grandchild in July, and trying to get my letters answered. Maybe if I concentrate more on those and shut the computer off for a good part of the day?

Dear Rose,

Yes. It can be freeing to shut the computer off for a day, or part of the day. You would be surprised what you would get accomplished.

Dear Janis,

Will give that a try. Going off now 🙂

Best of luck, Rose!


Fibromyalgia and Sensory Overload

Dear Janis,

Certain loud noises, especially unexpected, seem to cause me even more fibro pain. Have u heard anything about this? I’m not sure if it’s something like hypersensitivity or what? – Anonymous

I have read up on this and those with fibromyalgia are susceptible to sensory overload. Here is a link to an article that I think will help you. https://www.verywellhealth.com/sensory-overload-in-fibromyalgia-and-chronic-fatigue-716021


Video Game Stories

For those who have followed my blog you know I write stories of all kinds, but this is the first time you’ll see me mention a turn to write stories for video games. It sounds fun and intriguing but it’s also a learning curve and allows me to stretch my wings, as they say. I am reading a book called Slay Your Dragon: Writing Video Game Stories. https://smile.amazon.com/Slay-Dragon-Writing-Great-Video/dp/1615932291/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1614039069&sr=8-1

So far this book is good and has some funny parts. But I haven’t gotten too much into it so I’ll go for now and read more in the book. I just wanted to update you on what all I was up to since it’s been awhile.

Take care,



Squirrels and A Cat

Yup, that’s what has my attention this morning. My cat Jada is watching two red squirrels battle it out for the bird feeder. It can be comical, especially the squirrels!

Okay so that had nothing to do with writing, but then again you never know where you’ll get your ideas from in writing. It could just be something as simple as I just saw.

I read back through my last post and sounds like I was hypomanic with all my projects. So I’m not hypomanic today and would like to clarify the projects I am working on. I am working on Facade, which is undergoing an edit, possibly a major edit. We’ll see.

Then for some actual writing I am working on expanding and rewriting Sleepless Waters. I can’t tell you what it’s about yet because I’m still developing the story line. It has to deal with the Titanic. Anyone who knows me knows I have been interested in the luxury liner (and other shipwrecks) since I was 4. That is when I first heard about the Titanic. Robert Ballard was the dude who found the liner back in 1985.

Then I have a fibromyalgia book I’m working on, but that has kind of taken a back burner for now. I think…hmm… Ugh! It’s so hard knowing which one I want to work on. I love starting a new book, but then I love finishing one too. The fibromyalgia book (Veiled Affliction) is still in research mode, which I don’t mind I love research. But then there is Facade that needs a lot of work. And Sleepless Waters is in its infancy. *sigh* My mind’s all boggled. lol. There are Camp NaNo’s coming up, one in April so maybe I could just wait to work on Sleepless Waters then.

I thought writing this post would help clarify my mind in what project I really wanted to write about. I think I’ll pray about it and go from there. Some Divine guidance wouldn’t hurt.

Have you run into an issue like this? How did you tackle it?


Summer Is Here!!!

I’m so happy Summer is finally here but then that means warm days and also…THUNDERSTORMS!!! I love watching storms and monitoring them when they are going on. But also I feel energized when writing during a lightening storm.

I know in one of my earlier posts I mentioned I would do a writing prompt and post the results for everyone to read, but I could not keep up with that plan. Instead, I have been working on a story about the facts we know about fibromyalgia and my experience with it.

And Camp NaNo is coming in July, so I have been working on a story for that. Just so many writing projects on my list. But I don’t mind, really. I’m happy to know that I won’t be out of work to do. I have a few nonfiction projects and fictions projects. I will update my pages to reflect my projects list.

So how is the weather where you are? How is it affecting you and your creativity?


Writing Prompts

It’s been almost a month since I posted anything. The Coronavirus has me monitoring things like how many have it in Maine, and how many have died from it. The numbers for who has it keeps rising. We’re still under a stay at home order except to get medicines and groceries. Toilet paper is still hard to find. It’s just crazy. So I thought I would start writing prompts and post one a day.. That way there is something positive to read and something to read more often on my blog. I don’t now that I’ll post every day as that will be as that will be overwhelming, but maybe a couple times a week. At least I will start out with that.

After the writing prompt, feel free to let me know what you liked or didn’t like about what I wrote, or if you find a particular prompt that you would like to see me write more on.

I’ll post the writing prompt that I am writing to so you will be able to write from it too. When you finish with your writing prompt feel free to leave them in the comments section or email them to me at jisoucie@hotmail.com. I would love to read what you have written.

Take care, stay healthy!




I haven’t been writing on any stories much. I have mostly been monitoring the COVID 19 crisis and writing in my journal about it. That and taking care of my family. My daughter doesn’t have school for at least two weeks, at the same time I’m potty training my son, and my hubby is home today to help with things. But he goes back to work tomorrow. So far his work hasn’t done anything about working remotely. I hope that comes soon.

And lately I have been struggling with PTSD not related to COVID 19. I am struggling with hypervigilience mostly but anxiety as well. I didn’t sleep much last night.

This is all hard to deal with because I want to keep my mind on something other than this coronavirus crisis and something other than worrying about the my PTSD symptoms. But it’s hard. My brain is in mommy mode and I feel like cleaning, like that is somehow going to help us. I’m sure it will just work to make me feel better.

It’s all so crazy with all that is happening that my brain is just caught up in all. I know it’s temporary it’s just waiting it out like everyone else is doing.

I wish you all the best. And if you’re a writer finding it hard to focus amid this crisis, how do you deal with it? Any tips for other writers?


The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is upon us. We are all busy making sure we have presents for everyone, ingredients for baking and the big Christmas dinner and desserts. And there just isn’t time for much else. But I have most everything I need so I thought I take a timeout and give everyone an update.

On my last update I told you I was working on my story of weight loss. I set that aside for the time being because I wanted to finish working on this story “Where Can My Baby Be?” That I started shortly after my nephew’s death. I made him a character in the story because I know writing helps me through my grief. There were times I had to set the story aside because it hurt too much to keep going, but then there are times when I am doing okay and I can write more on the story. So that is my main goal now. I would like to publish the story but someone said that if I did I would be making money off someone’s death.

I don’t believe that and that is not what I am trying to do. So I don’t know if I’ll publish this story or not.

Thankfully I’m not just relying on this story to get published. I have a much larger novel I have to go through and edit and that will be in my goal for next year.

Enough of this update from my side. What are you working on? Are you ready for Christmas? Or do you celebrate a different holiday? Whatever holiday you celebrate I hope it’s a good one filled with wonderful memories.

Ill see you in the New Year!!


Camp NaNo Day 10

Camp NaNa day 10 is here and I have been working away at my story. But I’m realize my story is winding down and I haven’t hit my word count goal yet. I guess that does’t matter so long as the story is finished.

But I think of you out there wherever you may be in your story, or what your word count might be. How is everything going for you? I wonder what kind of story you might be working on. What are you imagining?

Then I have to do my own work and snap out of it and work on my own story. I guess it’s a good idea I’m not reading someone else’s WIP because their work may may be captivating and steal me away from my own story. Best to wait until you are both done I think.

Thought I am reading Dean Koontz’ Husband. Do you read published books while you’re working on your own? I do but because it gives me inspiration. I allow for both reading and writing time.

Okay, so I’m not going to stay long and I don’t have a lot to say in my posts as of late. But here is the list of what I have yet to do for this story and this includes editing, finding beta readers and such like that.

Edit Book

Find beta readers

Make corrections

Possibly rewriting story if need to

Look for a literary agent

There may be more steps in there like more editing, but we’ll see about that as I go. Well that’s all from me for now. Take care and happy writing!


Story to App

So lately my story writing has slowly been turning over to writing for an app my husband has going. He is creating a garden app and needed someone to write the plant information and input all that information into a data base. Now mind you I never saw this coming years back but it’s here now. I still have this second book I am working on . I didn’t make it for camp nano unfortunately. I”m hoping to write the third book come this next camp nano. We’ll see. I”ll really have to get this second story done first.

So how am I going to manage this work for my husband and my own writing? To be honest, I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure that out. I think for today I am going to try to work a little on the database information and then I’ll try working on writing a blog post for my character Cora, and then end the day with some writing.

Okay! So that’s the plan. I’ll be back at the end of the day and let you know how everything turned out today and if my plan worked.

Take care!