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Playtime with Amazon’s Search Engine and Selling Prompts

Playtime with Amazon’s Search Engine and Selling Prompts. by Jason Matthews is a great article on how to use Amazon’s search engine to generate keywords for your book. The keywords can be use in your title, interior book content, and in the keyword section of KDP. I think this would work for Create Space as well.

Some great advice here and something we Indie Authors need to keep in mind.

Thanks, Jason!

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What the End of Yahoo’s Contributor Network Means for Freelancers | The Freelancer, by Contently

What the End of Yahoo’s Contributor Network Means for Freelancers | The Freelancer, by Contently.

I must say after reading the article above I am infuriated over the closure of Yahoo’s Contributor Network. I worked hard on the articles I submitted to them. I had over 100 articles, poems, and book reviews. All were publishing credits and now they are gone! There is this, and then add the face I never got an email about this didn’t help.

Alas, I must let the anger go because really, maybe this is a good thing. I have my rights back to all my work now and that means I can rework any articles to my delight and find new homes for them. So now, I guess I am on an adventure of sorts. What at first felt horrible, a big bowling ball shot in my gut, turned out to be something good. Something I can work with and who knows, my articles may do much better elsewhere.

The more I think about it, I realize I hadn’t written anything for Contributor Network for  a long time because I felt they paid poorly for the time and effort I put into writing my articles. I wanted to help supplement my husband’s income but I couldn’t do that on like $3 an article. In the end, it wasn’t worth it. Something I did like about it though is that I got to see my work in print and see how many people viewed and even commented on my work.

What really hurt, was the complete loss of all those publishing credits I had. It took time and effort to build that up. Now I have to start again.

I am off on a new adventure in search of a home for my articles.

How do you feel about the Yahoo Contributor Network shutting down?

Have you tried sites like Hubpages, or sites similar? Did you like them? Why, or why not?

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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A Month of Letters

Just recently I signed up for A Month of Letters where you write a card or letter every day of the month of February to as many people as you know. This is in effort to bring back the dying art of letter writing that is so sadly fading away in the world f texting and emails.

I thank Kelly Cautillo for her post on her blog about A Month of Letters. If it were not for her post I would not have known about this challenge. You can find her blog here:

I encourage others to try this challenge and lets see how many letters we can get going. All I can’t think of is “This is going to be fun”, and “The post office is going to love this” providing a lot of letters get exchanged. So lets get writing and have fun doing so! Bet of luck. Would love to hear if you are participating.

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Happy New Year

First I would to start off by wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray this new will bring positive changes to our world and that God will bless each of us in His own way with what He sees fit to give us in our lives.

I know it has been a little over a month since I have posted anything and I apologize for that, but I have been having some health issues that have been weighing me down and causing me to have a foggy brain and extreme exhaustion, so I haven’t been able to do anything in the way of writing.

I had some lab work done on Friday and some things like my thyroid came back abnormal, so there are some things that need to be addressed. Not to mention I found out a few months ago that I have some components of PCOS and have insulin resistance. I was told I had insulin resistance some five years ago now but didn’t understand what that meant fully, until now. So now, I have to eat as though I was a diabetic meaning low carb and to make sure I eat three meals and two snacks a day. Yesterday, was the first day of being on this new meal plan and let me tell you what a difference it has made. I wasn’t asleep all day, I had a clear mind and energy to do about four loads of laundry, clean up my three old’s messes that she had spread across two rooms, and then later I exercised via the wii with my daughter using the Wii Fit for kids and then Just Dance for Kids. Then, on top of that, I exercised to Country Dance 2. After that I decided to chill out for the night. I felt I had done very well that day for previously not being able to get off the couch due to exhaustion. Who knew that eating too many carbs while insulin resistant can literally leave you wiped out due to blood sugar spikes and drops. I sure didn’t understand, but I do now and am still learning more about this. I know I have to eat a low glycemic diet and exercise every day to keep this insulin resistance in check and to keep from getting the full blown type 2 diabetes. Diabetes runs high in my family so really trying to avoid that.

Anyway, my point here is that following this new diet and exercise regime, I should really start to feel better and be able to get back into writing. I was up at 5AM this morning because I wanted to write so badly on one book I had started a couple of years ago and had thought was finished and now realized I really need to update that book. Perhaps, it will be published this year. We will see. The title of the book is Secret Anguish: My Journey to Better Health.

I am getting sleepy so perhaps I should go back to bed for a little while longer and then, once I am more refreshed, get up, have a healthy breakfast, and then get to work on some writing. So can’t wait to be back in the writing game.

See you later everyone! Have a great day!

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Finding My Muse

Last night I started some background work on a new story titled “A Place In This World”. I have been struggling to work on “Facade” and “Lasting Shadow” and realized the last two stories really have been pulling on past experiences I really had rather not delve into at this point until I have gone through some therapy for certain things. So I thought I would start a new story and not pull on things from my past but create something brand new and go outside of what I know. Yeah, I know as a writer you’re always told “write what you know’. But where is the fun or adventure in that? Sometimes it is exciting and adventuresome to go outside the conventional box and discover things you may have never noticed otherwise. I have never written a mystery before so this is so new to me but I am excited! I figure since I love cop shows and criminal shows like CSI and NCIS, then why not try my hand at some mystery writing. I actually think it will be a mystery/romance, but we’ll see. I know my favorite kind of movies to watch are romantic comedies but I don’t think I am a comedian, but more of a sincere person. I started watching the show “Medium” on Netflix last night and wow! I so love the show. I am inspired by the show and happy to have found another cop like show. I have been watching them since I was a kid. I’ve never been sure what the lure is unless it is just the amazement of the people putting their lives on the line to keep others safe. I know I don’t have that kind of bravery. Kudos to those who do! And thank you!

Best of luck to all you writers out there!

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Be Afraid of Posting Your Work Online – an article by Chuck

Below is an exerpt of an article I read this morning which is very important for us writers to consider. Do we post our work online or don’t we? Very important indeed. Read the excerpt to get an idea about the article and click the link to read more.

Be (Slightly) Afraid of Posting Your Work Online
by Chuck

My co-worker, Jane Friedman, recently wrote
a column for Writer Unboxed titled “Stop
Being Afraid of Posting Your Work Online.”
Her column lists reasons why
writers should not be afraid of posting material on websites. The column is in
response to my usual advice to writers, which is that posting work online is
generally a no-no. Essentially, we disagree on the value of it (a delicious
little point-counterpoint). But the truth is: This is not a yes/no answer. Both
answers are incorrect, but I still lean toward not putting your work online, and
I will try and convince you why here.

Click here to read more….