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Word Progress Meter

If you’re looking for a word progress for your projects outside of NaNoWriMo try writertopia. They have a couple of meters on their website. I am currently trying one on my site. I am using the one of the little raisin-like guy (reminds me of a California Raisin) and you get to not only update your wordcount but also this little guy’s mood. The moods rate from 0-7:

0 = very frustrated

1 = ready to shoot computer

2 = shocked at what’s written

3 = sleeping

4 = watching TV

5 = logical and calm

6 = working at novel

7 = joyful

I guess when the book is finished he celebrates by having a beer! lol

I have a feeling I’m going to have a blast with this little guy!


my opinions

What’s Your Favorite Content Submission Site?

Alright so there are magazines out there looking for articles of all different topics and lengths, and can take forever to get published by. Now there are, and have been for several years now, these online content submission sites such as:

And on the list goes!

Out of the sites you have tried, which do you think is best and why? Do you think publishing by any of these means is less professional than seeking out a magazine out of the Writer’s Market?

I have been writing for Yahoo Voices (associated content) since 2006 but have really slacked off in the last year or two. I am signed up at hubpages but have not posted a single hub.I have tried getting into Suite 101, and but was denied. It seems you can get published more easily by those who don’t pay much if anything at all, but others like Suite 101, and have stricter guidelines to publish and turn people away. I don’t even know how much these guys pay, since I have not been able to get in with them.

My hang up with the “other” guys? Payment. I do a lot of research for topics I write and I’d like to get paid a reasonable amount for the time and research and I put into my writing. I am a stay at home mom with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome so I write in spurts, when I am having my good days. Regardless of these physical ailments, writing is a challenge and takes time for anyone and I believe we should be paid fairly for the research we do and the work we produce. For my personally, I feel like these pages are an “easy” way to get published and in front of people, but honestly, when people see that you have been published on these sites, do they take you as a serious writer, or has the definition of “serious writer” changed over the past few years with so many new means of publishing?

Does it matter to you, the writer, that you get paid for what you write, or do you just like writing and publishing and don’t really care too much if you are paid?

I am not trying to put anyone down here, just curious to the different views out there, and I know this can be a controversial topic. Feel free to post your thoughts. Really curious what others are thinking about this.

Have a great day and keep writing!


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Malpractice & Sanctions Information for Dr. Cheryle R. Hart – Obstetrics & Gynecology – Spokane Valley, WA

Okay, so I am a little upset right now. I have insulin resistance and I bought this book The Insulin Resistant Diet written by a medical doctor and a nutritionist. Well, I just did some research on Amazon and on this website:

Malpractice & Sanctions Information for Dr. Cheryle R. Hart – Obstetrics & Gynecology – Spokane Valley, WA.

And it looks like this doctor has been reprimanded in three states and cannot practice. Makes me wonder how true the information is in the books she has written. I am so angry right now! How do you know who you are supposed to trust on these types of things when you need to do reading on medical conditions you have so you can stay healthy and lead a good life! I think I am throwing this book out the window! Now I have more research to do to find someone who is reputable. Never found this problem with a book before! And I can’t believe over 150,000 of these books have supposedly been sold by the time this copy was released. Who knows what the number has climbed to now and how many poor souls have followed the information in this book. What if they were mislead? What if I was being mislead? I could scream! I have enough going on in my life, I don’t need to be wondering if I should trust these doctors who right these medical books. They should be true and honest if they really are true doctors and doctors USUALLY want to help people….I must digress now. Need to find something else to focus on or I won’t sleep tonight.

Night all!

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Frustrated Mom Writer – Where To Publish

Okay, so it is after midnight where I am on the East Coast and I am frustrated. I do a search online to find places to publish articles and all I keep find are these places that don’t pay you up front for your work, but only earn money through revenue from ads. To me, I say the heck with that. I put my heart and soul into my work, I don’t want to be paid a mere pittance for the time and research I took to write something. People, make your writer’s happy and pay them up front for their work and don’t mean pay them $3, but pay them upwards of $15 or more depending on length and scope. It is only fair to the writer for the work they are doing to be paid properly. And then, say after a certain amount of time the rights return to the author and they are free to publish the article again. Some writers are just out their to make a name for themselves and not necessarily make any money. I am a stay at home mom, trying to find honest places that pay well enough to help me supplement my husband’s income.

And I have some book ideas. But self publishing and POD publishing are turning to be a crock so far. Traditional publishing just takes so long and when you need the money soon than later you really can’t afford to wait.

I am stuck. I feel like the world of really good publishing opportunities for the writer are dying. Writing is a passion for me and I have so much inside me I want to share. But with not knowing where to publish, my words will die with me.