Trouble with Motivation

Dear Janis,

Do you have any advice on motivation?? I really need to get my sugar back down, but always tired and achy these days and find it difficult to get things done. – Rose

Dear Rose,

If you can find things that excite you like maybe trying something new that might help. I have found I’ve been in a rut with my writing but when I started changing things up like started writing for video games and started an advice column, I am enjoying my writing more. Is there anything you can change up that might end up motivating you in the end?

Dear Janis,

Not sure, been trying to do more sewing now. Making baby things for the coming grandchild in July, and trying to get my letters answered. Maybe if I concentrate more on those and shut the computer off for a good part of the day?

Dear Rose,

Yes. It can be freeing to shut the computer off for a day, or part of the day. You would be surprised what you would get accomplished.

Dear Janis,

Will give that a try. Going off now 🙂

Best of luck, Rose!

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