Squirrels and A Cat

Yup, that’s what has my attention this morning. My cat Jada is watching two red squirrels battle it out for the bird feeder. It can be comical, especially the squirrels!

Okay so that had nothing to do with writing, but then again you never know where you’ll get your ideas from in writing. It could just be something as simple as I just saw.

I read back through my last post and sounds like I was hypomanic with all my projects. So I’m not hypomanic today and would like to clarify the projects I am working on. I am working on Facade, which is undergoing an edit, possibly a major edit. We’ll see.

Then for some actual writing I am working on expanding and rewriting Sleepless Waters. I can’t tell you what it’s about yet because I’m still developing the story line. It has to deal with the Titanic. Anyone who knows me knows I have been interested in the luxury liner (and other shipwrecks) since I was 4. That is when I first heard about the Titanic. Robert Ballard was the dude who found the liner back in 1985.

Then I have a fibromyalgia book I’m working on, but that has kind of taken a back burner for now. I think…hmm… Ugh! It’s so hard knowing which one I want to work on. I love starting a new book, but then I love finishing one too. The fibromyalgia book (Veiled Affliction) is still in research mode, which I don’t mind I love research. But then there is Facade that needs a lot of work. And Sleepless Waters is in its infancy. *sigh* My mind’s all boggled. lol. There are Camp NaNo’s coming up, one in April so maybe I could just wait to work on Sleepless Waters then.

I thought writing this post would help clarify my mind in what project I really wanted to write about. I think I’ll pray about it and go from there. Some Divine guidance wouldn’t hurt.

Have you run into an issue like this? How did you tackle it?

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