Writing Tips

Creating a Writer’s Platform

Creating a writer’s platform is a very engaging task. I have my facebook page set up and my Twitter feed going. This blog is the last and the most time consuming to get going. I say that because there are pages to create, customizing the theme I’m using, linking my other social media accounts and then deciding what to write for a blog post. But in the end, I know the time I spend setting things up will pay off in the end.

As I go along and set up my platform, I am reading, Create Your Writer Platform, by Chuck Sambuchino. There is so much information in this book. I’ll give you a break down of what’s inside by adding the table of contents:

The Principles of Platform

Chapter 1: What is platform?

Chapter 2: The Necessity of Platform

Chapter 3: The 12 Fundamental Principles of Platform

Chapter 4: Choosing Your Niche

Chapter 5: Platform for Fiction and Memoir

The Mechanics of Platform

Chapter 6: Platform Avenues: Which Should You Choose?

Chapter 7: Your Website: The Foundation

Chapter 8: Your Blog: The Extension

Chapter 9: Your Newsletter: The Outreach

Chapter 10: Article and Column Writing

Chapter 11: Public Speaking

Chapter 12: Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, and More

Chapter 13: 4 Side Doors to Platform

Author Case Studies

Final Thoughts

In the book, Chuck, even says not to wait until you have finished reading the book before you start building your writer platform. So, that’s what I did. I did NOT wait. Now I haven’t read all of this book yet, but so far it has been helpful.

If you’re working on your writer platform, or just starting out, I recommend this book

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