november nano

NaNo is Here!

Today is the day to start busting out those words and starting the path to the goal of 50,000 words at the end of the month. Write more if you dare! I’m off to a good start having started at 5AM Eastern Time. As a busy mom I have to take moments where I can. It’s in those mini moments I am able to make even the slightest advantage on my word count. It’s cool outside so why not be inside cranking out your novel.

Have you started writing already? Do you have daily goals set other than the one NaNo puts on for daily word counts? I try to make sure I do the minimum word count but if I get more in a day than that’s awesome!

Well, I must go and get my daughter ready for school and then hopefully I will have another moment in time where I can get a few more hundred words in.

Best of luck to you all you writers out there!


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