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One Day Until NaNo!

Okay so I’m sitting here while my son plays in his jumper and BabyTv is on for his delight. My daughter just got on the school bus and the day is starting off well. I can’t believe NaNo starts tomorrow! That came up fast. But I was able to finish my outline thought there are some sub plots I really need to work on adding into the story more. I’ll try to do that while writing the story. I’m feeling so positive and excited about this. I can’t wait. The hard part is always, or most always, the very beginning. Once I past that it’s usually easier. 

How do you feel about your novel going into NaNo? Are you ready to begging writing or do you still have some planning to do?

I look forward to hearing from you! Best of luck.


NaNo Prep, november nano

5 Days to Go Until NaNo!

Oh, my gosh! It’s just five days until NaNo starts! Yikes! I am so NOT going to have my full outline done in time. I think I write in too many details so my outline is outrageously long. I just don’t want to forget anything. lol Do any of you write a lot in your outline, or do you just do the basics of what you want to say?

I have eight chapters so far but I know that is going to get longer as I go along. I had this story written as nonfiction, but now I am changing it around to fiction and I am on chapter 5 now. I’m already changing so much and adding so much more. I think it is going to be much better written this way.

So, what is everyone doing to prepare for NaNoWriMo? I’d love to hear where you’re at right now and what your goals are before NaNo officially starts. Feel free to write to me in the comments!



NaNo Prep, november nano

NaNo Preppin’ Away

Well, NaNo is almost here and I’m making my way through the outline of my book. I’ve made it to chapter three and I’m almost finished with that chapter. I so have much more work to do but I doubt I’ll have that done before NaNo actually starts. I’m trying though.

The story I am doing this time around is a drama and is based on a true story. I’ve never written these kinds of stories before so it shall be interesting for me.

But it’s that time of year where the leaves are falling off the trees, apple cider is being freshly pressed and pumpkin spiced coffee comes back to the market. It’s also the time for rain which it is doing right now, so what better way to pass the time than by writing.

Well….if only my 8 month old would let me. lol He’s pretty good. I have two kids and I’m dealing with sleep apnea which I do not yet have a CPAP machine for so I have been too tired to do any writing after the kids are in bed which would be the prime time for it.

But I have another sleep study coming up where I’ll get my CPAP machine and then a good night’s sleep from now on. At least that is what I’ve heard. Then maybe my writing will be able to pick up more and I’ll more exciting content to write for this blog.

So what are you up to right now? Are you prepping your story for NaNo, or just writing away on a current story? Whether or not you’re working on a story for NaNo I wish you the best of luck!