Children's Stories

Hot, Muggy with Creative Winds of Change

It has been a roller coaster for me trying to figure out what project to work on. I constantly change my mind because something about one project (namely some nonfiction ones) I just get a bad gut feeling with. I talked with my hubby this week and told him one of the new story ideas I have going and he thought it would make a good children’s story. And he brought up the Adventure of Summer and Bun Bun series I started a few years back when my daughter was a toddler.

Children’s story!! Say what!? I must admit I was taken back by what he said. Something inside me sunk. I can’t describe exactly what that feeling was unless it was my exceptions of always writing for an adult audience. And now my focus may have to change because so many of my ideas are actually suite more for kids. Not exactly sure what age group yet. I think it varies. Instead of planting my feet and saying “No way!” and throwing those story ideas out, I have decided to at least look into writing books for children. Doesn’t hurt to look at different avenues and go on a discovery mission. Maybe there is a part of my personality that really enjoys being in the more imaginary world of children’s literature. We shall see.

Have any of you found that your expectations on what you thought you’d always write actually changed because what you were writing didn’t “belong” in that category you were shooting for? How did it make you feel? What did you do? I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave comments below.

Best of luck to you all!


Sunny and Breezy in the Writer’s Doldrums

Okay… Here goes. I have to admit I think about this blog and about writing often. Does that mean I actually get to any writing? Um…no. I wish thinking about it meant I was doing the physical work with writing. Like Bobbi does in Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers. What writer wouldn’t love a contraption that typed up the story you were thinking about, even while you were asleep?

The thing is… I haven’t been doing much writing. I think about it constantly especially the current story Facade and several other ideas I could work on after I complete Facade. But I have to concentrate on completing one story or I’ll just jump around feeling all uncertain. Why uncertain? Here is the admitting part…I have low self-esteem and battle with self-doubt. There… 😦 I said it. 

I want to write and publish more but always wonder what I could write that would possibly interest anyone and have thoughts of, “What does it matter? Someone else probably has my idea anyway.” It’s hard to get past this. 

Do any of you deal with this? I am wondering how many writers, or other creative individuals, deal with either low-self esteem, or self-doubt, or both. I would love to hear your stories and what, if anything, you have found to help yourself through those rough moments, and actually get to writing your masterpiece.

A couple of nights ago, I did start writing a new short story from an idea I have had for several years. So that is prgress! Hoping to write more later today.

Best of luck to you all you creative indivdiuals!