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Fibromyalgia & The Author Platform

I have been in flux for about a year or so about doing away with Twitter, my Facebook page, and my blog, together known as the Author Platform. This is not that I believe it’s a bad idea. I don’t. It’s good for those who can manage it, or if you can hire someone to manage it for you.

With a chronic illness (fibromyalgia) this is difficult to do. Some days I barely have energy to pull myself out of bed without crying and get my daughter ready and off to school. This is not counting house hold chores and caring for the dogs that some days are overwhelming and my muscles hurt and shake when I try to do anything. Then add on to the desire of wanting to write, but then realizing in order to gain a following it is suggested you create an Author Platform and consistently update those who are following you.

Maintaining an Author Platform is hard enough for a person without a chronic illness. It takes time to set up and to maintain and this is time taken away from other areas of your life. With fibro I have limited energy, or spoons, to use in a day. And I have to decide what to use that energy on.

I still desire to write, but keeping up an Author Platform has become stressful and I am resenting it. It has become something that is overwhelming because I know those of you who follow me are expecting updates from me, but I cannot always deliver those updates. I feel by keeping my Twitter, Facebook page, and blog open,  I am leading you on waiting for updates when there are times there are no updates. You are expecting something from me I cannot guarantee I can deliver. It weighs on me you are expecting an update or news of  new book release but there hasn’t been one. I must be honest with you, my followers, and with myself. I will continue to write but I will not be a slave to the Author Platform movement. Sometimes we have to figure out what works for us in our current circumstances and do what we can within our limitations. This is a choice I have to make. I will keep up my Twitter, Facebook page, and blog going and I will post when I can.

Changes are coming, and I will keep you posted on the developments.

Thank you for following me and commenting. God bless and take care.