Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp NaNo Wri Mo Day 14

Number 14

Another sunny mild day here in Maine. I was up early this morning walking the dogs and listening to the birds just as the sun’s light was creeping over the horizon. I could have just closed my eyes and sat on the deck listening to the sounds of nature. So awesome and relaxing.

But I had to make sure the hubby was off to work and my daughter off to school. The house is currently quiet with everyone gone and the dogs have nothing to bark at. That could quickly change though.

So let’s see. Today is day 14 for Camp NaNo and if you’re writing a 50,000 book this month then today you should have at least 23,338 words. I have 47,305 right now but I am stuck. I have about five chapters written which of course will probably change. One of these chapters could easily be two but I’ll work about breaking things up later. I have come to a point in my story where I think I am going to have to rewrite the story before I can move on. But, I think before I go ahead with that idea, I am going to print out what I have typed so far and take a look at it. Maybe there is a way I can continue on without having to sacrifice all of the work I have put into the book so far.  As it is I have already deleted several thousands of words and could have been done with reaching my word count goal. I had to make myself STOP editing! That is so extremely hard especially when you get to a place where the flow of the book isn’t what you were planning on and that does change how you can continue on to reach the conclusion of the book. However, perhaps a wise thing to do is simply make a note in the manuscript that I am switching gears so I can continue writing and head on to the direction I want the book to take so I can reach that conclusion. Hmm….

I guess it is in these struggles that we learn the tips and tricks that will aid us in other writing projects.

I’m curious… What little tricks have you learned, or discovered, while working on your own projects? Feel free to leave comments. I would love to hear from you!

Best of luck to all you creatives out there!

3 thoughts on “Camp NaNo Wri Mo Day 14”

  1. I’m with you. When I get halfway through a manuscript and realize it needs significant editing for the story to work, I return to the beginning and start rewriting, or I take a step back and begin plotting the entire novel out so I don’t end up with endless edits. I’ve tried just plowing on before and reaching the end, but that hasn’t worked for me, I don’t end up with a coherent novel, even after another edit. I just end up editing again and again!

    The easiest way I’ve found is to have a short outline ahead of time and then make a stricter outline after the first draft is written. Then I know sort of what works and doesn’t and what needs to be developed. Instead of using another draft to develop it, I’ve been outlining and brainstorming before returning to edits. It seems to work for me, but it also seems like every novel is different! Best of luck!


    1. I think I am going to have to do the same. I am trying to forge ahead and not having a whole lot of luck. Thank you for your comment. I love to hear how others manage issues in their writing. Wishing you the best! 🙂

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