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Why I Quit Writing

Why I Quit Writing by Joe Bunting touches on what I think EVERY writer goes through at some point in their writing career. I know I have been there soooo many times! I keep telling my husband maybe I should just quit. I’m stuck I don’t know where to go and then we start talking and BOOM in the middle of a conversation I get hit with something, tell him to hold on a minute while go write it down. But then, as soon as I start writing I KEEP writing just as Joe says has happened to him.

I think we get frustrated and at times, suffer from self-doubt. We just don’t see how things are going to turn out and that can be disheartening. But, we will never know how a project will turn out if we never finish it. We might be surprised and we often are.

We do know a couple of things, we love to write, it’s in our blood, and even though it can feel like torture during the moments of writer’s block, once that book is finished, we feel on top of the world!!! It is so worth continuing on through the tough stages to reach…THE END.

Thanks, for your post, Joe!