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Far Too Long

It has been far too long since I sat down and wrote a post.

It has been busy here on the homestead. Summer vacation is over and school has started for my little one. Which means more time for me to do some writing. I will be able to get back into the writing craft that I have missed so much.

I sit here in my cozy recliner, the fan and the AC cooling the room. Brrr…almost a little too cold. My hubby is on the couch working on a text adventure game, which I might just delve into here at some point. May not happen until after NaNo though. We’ll see.

Our dogs are asleep, and so is our daughter. Quiet…ah…so that’s what it sounds like. *Looks around* Okay so now is the moment when some loud noise scares me five feet out of my chair. Ha! Can you picture that?

Hmmm…so the story I’ve gone back to working on is Facade. I had mentioned this story before. The main character is Wesley who is based off Elvis and he has a twin brother, Keith. This is based of my fantasy of “What if Elvis’ twin survived?” scenario. I think we’ve all had it at some point. The funny thing is I just heard on the radio this morning that Identical, a movie that is based on that principle, “What if Elvis had a twin brother?” only in the movie the brother is given up because the parents can’t afford both babies.

My story is quite different. The twin brother in my story is believed to be still born but the father doesn’t give up. He and his mother, and mother-in-law, take turns clearing the baby’s airways and smacking him firmly on the back until the baby finally wails to life. The second twin, Wesley, is born more easily and thriving. The twins get along fine for several years until Wesley takes up a love of music at an early age. Keith just doesn’t have that same rhythm though he tries. Eventually, jealousy brews between the brothers and Keith is set out to take his brother’s place no matter the cost.

So I may go back to working on this story, though another story is weighing a little more on my mind.

Just wanted to give you all an update from, Maine’s Northern Woods to your laptop, tablet, or phone, have a good one!

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