General Updates

Snow And Sunshine

I’m sitting here at the dining room table with KLOVE playing on my iPad, my daughter bouncing a balloon around the house enjoying her winter break from school, my two dogs lying in the bright warm sun shining through the sliding glass doors. Several more inches of snow fell last night, upon which the warm sun shines and threatens to melt over the next couple of days. The snow is pretty and I don’t mind it all that much, but I must say I am itching to get outside in the warm Spring sun and feeling the warm sun and light winds on my skin while listening to the birds chirping and the dogs playing in the yard.

I have been quite busy lately. Still working on updating my poetry and Sackets Harbor books. I am checking to make sure the covers, book descriptions and manuscripts are all up to date and satisfactory. I am working on one book at a time and then will be adding them to Smashwords.

I am also updating the books information and covers on Goodreads.

I am still also working on my novel writing course through Winghill Writing School, and I am planning on writing a review on this as well.

Then recently I was contacted to do a book edit for a woman in the medical field. I have agreed to do a one chapter evaluation to see if we will be a good match for each other and if my editing skills will what she needs.

Then I have a couple of book reviews I am thinking of and will post them in the next couple of weeks.

So busy, but I’m taking my time and enjoying the creative process. Of course, the creative process doesn’t just apply to writing. I’ve been in my kitchen as well and posting pictures and recipes on another one of my blogs Happy Bellyz Cafe

I’m off for now. Have a great day and God bless!



Sounds of home…

It is evening, and the day is quieting down. The dogs are asleep, the dishwasher humming and the pellet stove roaring away while my husband reads my daughter a dinosaur story and a Bible story before bed.

I haven’t been blogging much, I guess because I haven’t had much to talk about. Or so I thought. It seems I have some decisions to make.

I have four poetry books and one nonfiction book that are published and I was thinking of putting them on Smashwords. I took them off to try KDP Select but my sales bottomed out the last few months. KDP Select was a bust so I am going to go back to Smashwords. I have covers already and now I just need to make sure the manuscripts are update with relevant biographical information and then upload the stories.

Now something I don’t think I have mentioned before is that these books, are published under my maiden name of Janis I. Monroe. Anything I publish from now on will be under my married name and will look like this J.I. Soucie. I should have made a formal blog post when I switched my blog name. Sorry about that.

Next after updating the inside of the manuscript, I have to really think of the book descriptions. I am learning how to write better descriptions and really get smart about this kind of thing. I will be using the book the Indie Author Guide: Self-Publishing Strategies Anyone Can Use by April L. Hamilton, and I have read a blog post by Catherine Ryan Howard titled The 11 Ingredients to a Sizzling Book Description

I am at the point of admitting to myself I don’t know as much about being and Indie Author as I thought. I think there comes a point where we all have that realization or one that is similar. I have been doing more reading up on details and learning more about the craft of writing, editing, etc. I was getting ahead of myself and I am learning to slow down and take things one step at a time and to realize that it takes TIME!!! Any quality work requires effort and a great amount of time. I obviously didn’t realize this before and just wanted to write and things out there quick. Did it work? ..uh…no. I have the same five books published now as I did last year and the year before that. It is time for a change, folks, and I guess this is one Mom’s journey to becoming a better writer, editor, book cover designer, and publisher. May God guide my every thought and effort to make this happen.

I am off to get ready to sing my daughter some bedtime songs. Good night all!