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NaNo Day 13 – Frustration Setting In



Okay, today is proving to be one frustrating day with my story. My writing is going pretty well, that’s not the problem. The problem is the more I write and just let the story go, I am seeing it go in several directions and one character I need to carrying through the story to get to a pivotal point with another character is not being carried through the story. Ugh!!

I’m getting a tension headache. I am trying to figure something out before my writing session in a couple of hours. I really would hate to have to go through seven chapters and try to figure this out, but if I don’t, I’m worried my story is going to lose a pivotal point in the plot it really needs.

Another thing that is making this story difficult, is I have based my main male character off from a very notable person in music history and I’m using some names of places and events in this person’s past, but I’m scared of getting anything too close because this person, though passed away, has an enterprise with his name on it and I don’t want to step on any legalities.

I’m feeling quite overwhelmed right now and wish I had a sounding board! I so need one! Anyone else get stuck in the middle of NaNoWriMo with story issues that can halt progress? What do you do about it? Do you talk to another writing buddy? Pray? What helps you?

I know God is helping me so I’ll figure it out.

Well, off to the kitchen for dinner and then dessert. Then kiddo to bed and writing time.

Good luck everyone!


2 thoughts on “NaNo Day 13 – Frustration Setting In”

  1. I just go with it. My first drafts of anything is just a tangled mess of ideas. It’s in the second do I worry about the different, plots, subplots — of look a squirrel– and legalities.
    Love and Hugs.


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