november nano

Nano Day 9 – Speedin’!

Number 9


So I started off the day with a really rough start. It just seemed liked anything that could happen did. You know, just anything  to get you off track with NaNo. But like I had expected, everything calmed down after my daughter was in bed and the dogs were asleep…oh and my husband was lost in his computer programming. He is so in his element and that makes me happy, to see that awesome smile on his face.

So anyway, that gave me three solid hours of free, uninterrupted writing time and I was able to write 2084 words today! Yay! So far that gives me a total of 17,209 words! Ahead of the game so far but that is good. There are at least two days I know I may not get a chance to meet the full word count, not that I won’t try, but that is why I am buckling down and trying to get ahead as much as I can , so if there is a day I can’t write as much, or maybe not at all, depending on the circumstances, I won’t be so far behind.

But alas, I must go for the night. Church in the morning.

Night all and best of luck!


november nano

NaNo Day 9 – In the Saddle!

Number 9


Sitting here ready to get writing! Sat down and wrote a little earlier, but of course, the phone rang, the buzzer went off on the oven for the ChocoFlan I was baking for the church potluck tomorrow, then I saw the dog hair on the floor and that was driving me nuts, so I vacuumed, and mopped, did some laundry and soon, in an hour it will be time for dinner. (sigh) I’m hoping for more NaNo time tonight!

Off to get a few words in before dinner time!

Good luck fellow NaNoWriMos!


november nano

Day 8 – Made It!

Number 8


Just before midnight last night, I ended on a good note. I manage to write 1900 (rough) words. I wasn’t sure with how the day was going and having to get groceries last night, but I made it!!!

*Thank you, God, for helping me!*

NaNo is proving to be a tough ride and it was quite stressful at the beginning, but I’ve found that once I’ve gotten into it more and write every day, the easier it gets. Well the flow of writing tends to get easier. Life circumstances still nudge there way in there, but dealing with it calmly helps instead of getting upset about it. That is something I’ve learned and still working on.

Just asking God to help me through this on many levels! May He guide you as well.

Good luck!