november nano

NaNo Day 8 – Starting Slow!

Number 8


Busy morning. I wasn’t able to get started writing as soon as my daughter went to school. Instead of 2.5 hours, I have about 1, but I’ll take every moment I can get. Starting another chapter today! Can’t wait. Story is really moving along.

Best of luck everyone!!! Gotta go get writing. Not much time left this afternoon and not sure I’ll get to it tonight. May have to play catch up tomorrow!


november nano

Nano Day 7 – Managed to Fly!

DCF 1.0Well after the stressful and sad events of yesterday on the home-front, I did manage to write 1800 words. It wasn’t easy writing through tired, blurry eyes after a morning of tears. But by God‘s strength and grace I was able to meet and exceed the minimum word count for the day. Yay! Seven days in, one week done! So far so good! I must press on to another day!