Day 6 – On the Way Out!



Well, I’m done for the day. I wrote just over 2,000 words. Time to fill the pellet stove with pellets, and walk the dogs before bed. Hittin’ the sack before 1AM this time! lol. Yawning and sleepy-eyed so I know I won’t be up much longer. Much to do tomorrow. Need to make a meal for a family who has a family member going through chemo, so I need to get that done before any writing can be done. 

Well, God bless and everyone have a great night, or early morning, depending on where you live!

Night all!

november nano

Dum De Dum… NaNo Day 6 has arrived!

DCF 1.0


Day 6 is here. Am I ready for this? Not really. I didn’t get a solid six hours of sleep. I just kept waking up and then the dogs woke up  just after 7. As soon as my husband leaves for work, I am the one they go to, even if I’m still in bed. Need to remedy that!!!! I need my NaNo sleep so my brain can pump out those words!

I have a feeling it will be a sluggish day for me but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try.  I just hope I don’t fall asleep at the keyboard. lol. 

I’m off to write!