november nano

NaNo Day 4 – Finished

Number 4


I reached my word count for the day. Wrote 1689 words, so just over the minimum. I so wanted to write more, but there comes a time at night after a long day of house chores, walking the dogs, and watching a four year old, that just says (yawn) it’s time for bed.

So off to dream to land. Wonder what I’ll dream about tonight! Last night it was Johnny Depp as Rumpelstiltskin and I was some girl named Clara. In the dream I remember thinking “I must be in the new Tim Burton movie.” Was so weird but cool at the same time.

Anyway, good luck to those of you still writing and congrats to those of you who have met or exceeded your daily word count!

Night all!


november nano

NaNo Day 3 done!!

Number 3


Meant to write this post last night before bed but day 3 of NaNo is done! I wrote about 1700 words so just a little over the minimum word count. I made it thought! Whew! This is the first time writing fiction during a NaNo so I am happy to see I’m doing as well as I am. Yeah, so it’s all a VERY rough draft and will need some polishing out but that’s totally fine! LATER!!! Turn critic off!!! Must turn critic off!!! Critic, you’ll have your turn, but not this month! lol.

We’ll I’m off!