NaNo Day 3…Ready? Set? Go!!!


Sitting here at the dining room table munching on Back to Nature’s Multi-Seed Gluten Free Rice Thin Crackers and drinking milk thistle and dandelion tea. Crackers for dinner? Yup. That’s right! My sinuses are draining and my belly is highly upset!  Seems to be the course since the weather’s been dry. 

So not feeling so energetic for tonight’s writing spree but I will try to make it anyway. I’m just happy I was able to punch out a few hundred words this morning before church. Pays to get up earlier than normal I guess.

Over 4200 words recorded on the NaNo site so far. Still need to update it from this morning’s writing session. Can’t update it much more if I don’t get crackin’.  Time to join the other NaNoWriMos who have probably already written if not exceeded their word count. I’m such a slacker. lol. Okay not that bad, but will be if I don’t get going.

Best of luck everyone!