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The Art of the Book Cover with Laura Duffy, Designer [Interview] — The Book Designer

The Art of the Book Cover with Laura Duffy, Designer [Interview] — The Book Designer.


So taking a look at this. I really need to study the art of book cover design more carefully. I am thinking of redoing the covers for my books, but need to study this more carefully before I do.

might look into a book cover designer, but I know they can be pricey, and lets face it, not everyone has that kind of money. Something to pray about.

General Updates

I’m Baaaack!

Okay, so I have been on hiatus here for far too long. This summer has turned out to be far busier than I had expected. My family and I will be moving shortly and I have been tending to matters regarding home buying and packing.

I have been writing on and off, in my spare moments. When things calm down a bit (after the move, unpacking, and settling in), I know writing will become more a part of my life. At least that is what I foresee right now. God has a funny way of changing things, just when you think you’ve got things figured out. One way to keep life interesting!

It is late now, so I’ll make this post short. Just wanted to let everyone know I am here, just busy with matters outside of writing at the moment. I’ll try to be back tomorrow with more of an update.

God bless!