Camp NaNoWriMo

1st Day of Camp NaNo – April

Today is the first day of Camp NaNo. I am rewriting a bit of a story I had started a couple years ago. The more I read the story the more I realized it wasn’t going the way I had intended. So I have been working on ways to change that.

So far I am over 800 words but the day isn’t over yet. Caring for a young child while trying to write is interesting. I have had to learn to write in spurts and try to be quick at picking up where I left off. It isn’t easy, but I hope I can cope with this and manage each day to make the minimum word count so I can reach my goal.

Soon it will be nap time and then dinner and family time and then after everyone is in bed, I am planning to carve out more time tonight for NaNoing.

I plan to check in again later this evening.

Best of luck!

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