Camp NaNoWriMo

1st Day of Camp NaNo Round Up

Whoo hoo! What a day it has been today. I had a rough start to the day and as much as I wanted to write on my story the words either would not come or came in spurts. But the tally of words for the first day of Camp NaNo is 2,164! An awesome start! I am very excited I have exceeded my goal for the day, because I wasn’t so sure I was even going to hit the 900 word mark earlier in the day. But God sure is helping me. It is so much better doing things with Him. You never know what will happen or what ideas He will give that will take your story down a path you haver have thought of.

Love it! So thankful for the gift of writing and that there are opportunities for writers to be able to come together during Camp NaNo and the November NaNo! It is awesome to be able to share a wonderful gift and encourage each other along the way to our goals.

How did you do on your first day?

Get some rest tonight! I’m off to bed. Another writing day tomorrow.

Night all and see you in the morning!

God bless!

Camp NaNoWriMo

1st Day of Camp NaNo – April

Today is the first day of Camp NaNo. I am rewriting a bit of a story I had started a couple years ago. The more I read the story the more I realized it wasn’t going the way I had intended. So I have been working on ways to change that.

So far I am over 800 words but the day isn’t over yet. Caring for a young child while trying to write is interesting. I have had to learn to write in spurts and try to be quick at picking up where I left off. It isn’t easy, but I hope I can cope with this and manage each day to make the minimum word count so I can reach my goal.

Soon it will be nap time and then dinner and family time and then after everyone is in bed, I am planning to carve out more time tonight for NaNoing.

I plan to check in again later this evening.

Best of luck!