A Daughter's Reflection

A Daughter’s Reflection – Book Changes & In Question of Ever Publishing

In my last post I talked about reading the book The Power of Memoir: How to Write Your Healing Story before finishing my book, A Daughter’s Reflection, for release on Amazon.

Well, today I have gone through the book and it has confirmed several points I had roaming in the back of my mind such as:

1) How would my family and friends feel if they discovered I used their real names? Would they be upset? (I really don’t want to upset anyone nor do I want to live in anxiety and fear of the possibility that someone “could” get upset.)

2) Would they be upset that I published my story of caring for our mother, feeling that it was personal and no one else should know about it.

3) I was also concerned about gaps in my journal entries. The journal entries work well in telling my story, but there were times when I had not written anything in days so there were large gaps from one incident to another. I fear these gaps may leave my story lacking.

So I guess, two conclusions result of this:

1) I change the story to a more fictional account of what happened…


2) I never publish my story….

but am I content with never sharing my story? And I am asking myself, why do I feel it is so important? Do I really need to do this? Do I think anyone would really be interested in this story of a teenage girl who suddenly ends up her mother’s caretaker until her mother’s death four months later? Would be people be interested in how a teenager handled and sought to recover from such loss? Or are people more interested in reading fiction and reading things that take them away from the harsh realities of this world? Would I rather write fiction, myself, and not delve into my past of truths to share my story because it might still be painful?

I cannot honestly answer these questions without thinking further about them. And I cannot answer some of the questions because I do not know what other people think or prefer for reading material.

Some things I must think about…

I am open to any thoughts and suggestions anyone might have.

Thanks for reading!

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