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Busy Brain

I’m sitting here in my living room with my four year old playing with her toys on the floor and my husband reading on his Nexus 7 tablet. I am honestly trying to relax, but the creative and imaginative spirit in me is too anxious and exited to let me sit still. My brain is running in zips and zings with ideas of manuscripts almost to their first draft stage. These manuscripts are:

A Daughter’s Reflection and The History of Watertown, NY

Then I am in the process of reformatting my book The History of Sackets Harbor, New York, so I can add it to the library. I am also going to add it to Kobo. I have also lowered the price of the Kindle ebook from $6.99 down to $4.99. The more I thought about it, would I really be willing to buy an ebook at $6.99? Not so much. At $4.99, yeah. I would.

I also have some notes I need to work on for Voice4Society. So much is flaring in this brain of mine. I try to relax but knowing I have so much work to do it makes it hard. Being a homemaker and stay at home mom, plus a writer has its challenges. Oh, and then there is school work!

So my task for today….prioritize! And then set a schedule. Ha! (Sorry. An ALF moment there!) I do pretty well prioritizing, it is schedules I find hard to keep because I take my time doing things so I do them right and to enjoy what I. I don’t like rushing anything unless absolutely necessary. Guess we shall see what happens. I know what I really WANT to work on and then what MUST be worked on. It is so hard to put the WANT behind and do what SHOULD be done and what I have committed myself to doing for another. I must do what is right. I shall work on an article for Voice4Society during the day today and then tonight, perhaps that is when I’ll work on my books.

So with that, I am off. To drink some Yerba Mate tea and do some research and study in the Bible. have a great day!

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