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Holidays Are Here

You have probably noticed I have not posted anything recently. No updates on my writing…. This doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing something here and there or at least thinking about my writing, but the holidays are here and it is that crazy time for buying gifts, wrapping gifts, making gifts…not to mention the cooking and baking involved and planning out what is going to be on the menu for dinner and dessert.

I have been quite busy planning our menu for Thanksgiving as well as ordering Christmas gifts, wrapping a few of them, and I still have to make some of the other Christmas gifts. The gifts I have to make are taking up most of my time, so my writing really has been pushed to the back burner.

I have tried to keep up with NaNo but this month seems to be the hardest for me. November just seems to busy. I tend to have better luck with the Camp NaNo months, but I know those aren’t taken as seriously by most as the November NaNoWriMos.

There really is no telling what next year will bring, if I’ll be participating in the NaNos or not. I predict it will be busy with house searching, however, my daughter starts pre school so that will give me some more time to sit and write and not feel so rushed. Still, everything is in God’s hands and we’ll shall see what happens. I’ll keep praying and remaining flexible to what God’s will is. I know that is important. We shall see what He has in store. Keep up the writing! God bless & an early Happy Thanksgiving!!

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