november nano

Seventh Day of NaNo

Man oh man am I ever behind! I started out with one story for NaNo and then changed it a few days in. I erased the word count I had for that one story and started over with this new story.

Yeah, sure I could have kept my word count for the old story but I didn’t feel right about it and it felt unfair to others who are trying their best this month to write a novel.

I am working on a novel that is written as fiction, but is based on true events. I love stories like this and I hope my readers will to.

So right now we are supposed to have about what 12,000 words roughly…eesh! I think I am approaching the 2,000 word mark. Ugh! I really don’t know how I am going to make this one, but I am going to keep trying.

Hubby is putting the daughter to bed right now so I have a few minutes to write…I think…but I have popcorn calling my name with butter and parmesan cheese. Yummm!

Maybe a movie and popcorn will come first and then writing before I go to bed. Good thing I am a night owl! Easier to work after everyone is in bed and the house is quiet. I don’t like waiting that long though. I feel so rushed to catch up with everyone else, or at least to be “on schedule” it seems so overwhelming I just want to give up. I have only finished one NaNo so far even though I have competed in one November NaNao and three Camp NaNos. Rather disappointed but sometimes things happen that just aren’t in our control and you have to go with it. It’s a bummer, but worse when you feel defeated early on because you are so far behind, you wonder “why bother” but that is not the way to think about this. Best to be positive or the negativity will just eat you away and win over and you’ll never achieve anything. Yes, the “you” here is myself talking to me. Trying pump myself up and get myself on the right track, I guess.

Well, I should get going and get things rollin’.
Best of luck everyone!

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