november nano

Research for November NaNo Story

Well, I talked some things over with my hubby who is a great sounding board for me. I was struggling with what genre I wanted to try and write a story in. We are both Trekkies and so he suggested watching Star Trek for ideas for a sci fi story. I thought about it for maybe a split second and totally agreed it was a good idea. Of course I would start with the Original TV series which is my favorite no matter how unrealistic it may seem to today’s TV series and movies. And then perhaps, when I am finished with the original series I’ll watch the Next Generation, which I have seen some of but not much.

Then this gets me thinking further about other space like movies or TV shows I like and I am led to Star Wars. Ah, so there goes more research and ideas.

…..Then there is also Battlestar Galactica which I have seen several episodes and find it very intriguing. Still need to continue watching the series.

Okay, okay. So you’re probably wondering: “How far is she going to go with all this ‘research’?” Good question. I really don’t know. I watch these until I have enough ideas to form a story. Let’s just hope I am able to get this all in BEFORE NaNo starts, or at least have enough to start a story and then watch more of these at night while my husband is in bed. Will be fun trying to watch these movies on my laptop with my headphones on and a notebook and pen in my lap for any ideas that pop out at me.

I can just see myself now and it makes me laugh! Ah, but what fun this is being a creative soul. You never know where your imagination will take you or what precarious situations you will find yourself in just to get those good ideas.

Well, off to do some fun “research”! Night all and best of luck in your story planning!


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