Winghill Writing School

Winghill Writing School


Yesterday, my first shipment from Winghill Writing School arrived and I was so shocked at all of the materials I received. This looks like it is going to be a really good course. I received 2 DVDs on successful writing, 3 DVDs on marketing your writing, a CD of Encyclopedia Britannica, a CD of openofice 3 in case I didn’t already have a word processor, and six textbooks titled: How to Write for Cash, A Novelist’s Commonplace Book, How to Write Fiction for Cash, A Novel Approach, Writing and Selling Articles, and Writing for Love and Money.

I am going to be learning so much in this course. I have units 1-4 right now and those will cover:

1) Getting to Know You

2) Introduction

3) Beginning the Writing Process

4) Developing Working Parameters

Started working on my first assignment last night, which really is just a profile on me. They ask some questions to help get to know you and the questions really make you think about yourself. They get your mind churning and your fingers moving on the keys. A good place to start I think.

Well, best get crackin’ if I am going to get this assignment in today, or at least I hope to. Can’t wait to see what comes of this course.


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