Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp NaNo for June

Camp NaNo for June is just around the corner! How many of you campers are ready out there to write a novel starting June 1st. I have already updated the book I plan to work on, which really was one from last year, but I never got very far on it, so I thought I’d use the same story though the story has changed a little so I’ll be starting from scratch. Think I may be using at least a partial outline for this. I don’t usually use outlines, unless I have a lot of ideas just flowing through my head and I need to write them down before I forget them.

So I’ll probably be working on the outline for a bit, and then I just hope I”m ready for this writing spring this next month!

How ready will you be when June 1st comes along? Ready to camp out! I am and I hope you are too! 🙂

General Updates

Reading and Research

I have been seriously re-thinking about my book Secret Anguish: Journey to Better Health. The book is almost complete. It is in it’s second draft, but I have been doing some research on two areas:

Insulin resistance and the insulin resistant diet


being a highly sensitive person.


The book covers other areas such as post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, grief, food allergies, environmental allergies, asthma, gluten intolerance, and I think a couple other things.

Now I have a lot of reading and research to do which means a lot of notes. I am not sure how I want to incorporate all of this into a book. It seems like a lot of information but I feel strongly my story needs to be told. If I can help one other person in this world besides myself from what I have been through and learned, then great! I can’t wait to help that person and encourage him or her.

So this is my task as of lately. I’ll get back to in a bit with all of the names of the books I am reading so you can read them for yourself if you’d like.

Camp NaNoWriMo, General Updates

Back To It Again

Ah, so here we are again. I said I was going to take a break from writing and search out other things in life, like other interests, but there comes a problem when characters keep popping into my head and scenes play like moves, and story is just begging to be told. Characters sit in my head, acting out their stories, but their stories are not being heard. Why? Because I am not writing them.

It seems as though a writer cannot take a TRUE vacation from writing. It is in the very core of their being, part of what God built into them, into me. When I tried to pursue other interests, I realized that these other interests involved some kind of writing as well, so really, I wasn’t taking a break at all.

So I have decided to pick up one of the fictional stories I started last year for Camp NaNoWriMo called Lasting Shadow and see how much farther I can get with that. Finding my story and character sheets will be interesting. If I can’t find them already printed and sitting in my filing cabinet, I will have to print everything again, but that’s no big deal. I’ll just happy to write fiction and have fun doing it.

When my daughter is old enough, she’ll get to read my stories and that just brings a smile to my face. Also, to keep writing, is do not only what God built into me when he made me, but also to continue to pursue something my mother was very supportive of when she found out I wanted to be a writer in my early teen years. So in a way, writing is like honoring her memory as well. I’m sure she would be proud of me if I kept going, but perhaps disappointed if I stopped writing, but I don’t think that is an option for me. I have learned so much. Not just to write a novel, but how to social network, how to blog, how create my own book covers, how to publish via CreateSpace and Amazon KDP, writing press releases.

I have learned all of this and I am helping and elderly woman from my church by the name of Phyllis Georgina Rose who has just published her book The Rose Garden. I am using my skills to help her publish her books and help her books to become more known. All I can do is try my best and pray. God will have to take it the rest of the way.

You will find both Phyllis’ book and my books on as well as Amazon and other places online. I hope you check out our work!

We’ll continue to work hard so you have more to read. 🙂

General Updates

After Thoughts, Talks and Prayers

Well my friends, here I am again. It seems that after a long battle with post traumatic stress, depression and anxiety, I was able to talk to someone today that agreed that I was “stuck” in not knowing what to do to help myself. I thought reading books on depression, grief, etc.. would be helpful, but every time I went to read one I would feel dread, a pit in my stomach, and I felt overwhelmed and my brain screamed “I don’t want to do this!”.  But what else could I do to help myself understand some of what I have been through in order how to deal with thoughts and feelings I get each day and help myself move forward. Well, talking to this gentlemen, he did indeed say that I was stuck and said that the feelings I was getting toward those books was basically telling me they were not the right tools for me helping me move forward. Instead, they were acting like and anchor holding me back and that when I did read them, it was as if someone was stirring the pot keeping my thoughts and emotions at the surface, never allowing me to move on and focus on the present instead of the past, that I just want to learn from and now that I have, move on from.

I have learned that I am  in a place now to move forward with my life. That the anxiety I have been feeling on a daily basis, is an anxious excitement at the positive energy in my life where before there was mostly negative. There is positive energy in the way of support, love, caring, family closeness, enjoyment of family life (that I felt I never had before). I feel I have a sense of freedom and can fly. I prayed today, thanking Jesus for dying for my sins, for setting me truly free and allowing me to soar.

It is now my time for self discovery and I am moving away from writing. Writing was with me and useful when my mother passed away and I had a lot of emotions I need to get out and for years I wrote. But now that things are good in my life and I have worked through issues of my past, I no longer feel the need to write, nor really the desire.

Now the question is, now that I’m not writing as a career, what do I do? What are my likes, dislikes? How do I go about finding out? Well, I have a list of interests and I guess I just will go with it until I find one thing, or maybe a few things to do in my spare time.

I have really gotten into photography lately so that is one thing I am going to continue and love taking videos.

My VERY FIRST love in life when I was 3 was singing in front of the church congregation and they couldn’t get the microphone away from me. In school, I was always in chorus from elementary levels into high school. And I still love to sing. My father sings and plays piano, my daughter loves to sing and dance. So…why not try learning more about writing music and so forth. And strengthening my vocals. I bought a program called EarMaster 5 but have not tried it yet. Guess it is supposed to help you tune your hearing with musical notes as well as help you tune your voice. So shall be interesting.

Then there is art. I have always admired artists and wondered what it would be like to learn to sketch or paint. Guess I’ll never know until I try. When I was younger I could look at things and draw pretty good copies of them, so maybe that is still in me somewhere.

I also love the theater and have always fantasized what it would be like to be up there on stage acting out a wonderfully written play! But, knowing me, I’d probably be too scared to do this, but I have surprised myself before. Never know what you can do with God on your side. Life’s full of surprises!

Then, another curiosity, my husband had gotten me into a year or two back, and that is learning to program in Java. I started reading a book called “Learn to Program in Java” by John Smiley. I started picking it up pretty easily enough, but never really got into it due to the whole writing thing. Thing is, what would I program even if I became good enough?

Well, I guess that is a start of things. Now, what should I rename my blog? What should I rename my page on Facebook…actually I may have to create a totally new one if I want to have a photography or artist page. Should I create a whole new blog too? I would hate to have to do that but just continue this one so as years go by, we can see how I have changed and grown through the years.

If you have any suggestions on things for me to try out I’d love to hear them! Oh, I did try Zumba today! Boy did that kick my butt! lol

Well, I’ll be chatting with you all again shortly!

God bless!

General Updates

A Personal Decision

For all of my readers whether on my blog or Facebook, I feel I need to let you all know I am taking a break from writing and not sure when I will get back to it. I have been going through depression for over seven years, but I have reached a phase in my recovery where I need to take time off from the career (writing) that I was pursuing. I can’t handle the stress it brings and I just have so much fatigue, and trouble focusing, and little motivation to do anything. Things are a LOT better than they used to be so I know therapy and such are working, but right now, I need to take a break from things and just let myself read some self help books and meditate on what I learn and just take it easy and try to enjoy life as it is…learn to accept the positive changes in my life and embrace them and NOT be afraid of them. So, I have some things to focus on in my personal life, so you may not see me post for a while at least not about writing projects. On Facebook, you won’t seem promoting any of my work and I probably won’t be participating in Camp NaNo or National Novel Writer’s Month this year.

I hope you all understand. This break will give me time to reflect on the changes in my life, how to accept them and deal with all of the hardships and changes I’ve been through as a result.  I am on a journey of self discovery…and only God knows where that will lead me.

God bless you all in all you do as he guides you on the right path.


General Updates

The Ultimate Decision

In this day in age when you have self publishing, print on demand publishing and traditional publishing on really has to decide which is best for them. For some it is self publishing and print on demand. I’ve done both. I have six books published on Kindle and through CreateSpace, problem is I don’t feel “published”. I don’t feel the great joy that comes with making it with a traditional publisher.

So I have made the great decision to pull two books, The History of Sackets Harbor, New York, and A Daughter’s Reflection, off the market to try and get them traditionally published. I know this will take longer and probably will go through several rejections. I’m no stranger to this process as I first tried this before any other type of publishing. I also have two other books not yet finished but working on: Secret Anguish: A Journey to Better Health, and The History of Watertown, New York, I would also like to publish traditionally.

Today begins the hunt for a literary agent. Time to grab some Teeccino and open the Writer’s Market. Wish me luck!


Have a great day everyone and God bless!