Dilema – Fiction or Nonfiction on PTSD Novel

So for the past few weeks I have not gotten any writing done. Why, you may ask? Because I can’t decide on whether to write a book on my experience with post traumatic stress disorder as nonfiction, or write in a fictional way but have it “based on a true story”.  So many questions run through my head:

1) Which version would hold the most weight my audience?

2) Which would be the most beneficial to others if they read my story?

3) In which version, would be the easiest for me to tell my story?

If you were to read a book on someones experience with post traumatic stress, would you want to read the true account, or would your rather read it in a fictional context, but know that the events that happened in the book were true? I welcome any feedback.

2 thoughts on “Dilema – Fiction or Nonfiction on PTSD Novel”

  1. I could never make a novel of my story, not because I can’t write, but because of my family, friends etc. But I tell my story on the blog, and find that the best way to do that, is to be absolutely true to what I remember, what happened. And I also feel that I find some of the naive language and tone, when writing about childhood.
    I’ve written both fiction and non-fiction, but never non-fiction about this. without knowing our story; I think I would go for the true, honest version.
    Hope that helped:)


    1. Thank you for your comment. I think am going to go nonfiction with this book. Will take me a while to finish as I still have some research to do, but I think in the end, nonfiction would probably be best.


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